Suggested agenda topics for the ALAC/NCSG meeting in Prague?

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Now that we've gotten back into the groove of regularly scheduling these meetings to complement the evening libations, we need to figure out how to make them more participatory.  Perhaps it's natural with crammed agendas and just one hour, but we sometimes fall into a pattern where the chairs and a couple of officers from each side do most of the talking while our members sit there.  We should try to open it up a bit, perhaps by having some members take the lead on certain agenda items, or at least come prepared with something on them.

And I agree with Evan that they could be more action-oriented.  It's fine to get together and say yeah, we think that too, but if no joint force multiplying action ensues it's sort of a wasted opportunity.

Being the liaison to ALAC (as Evan is to NCSC) I'm on their listserv and haven't seen much discussion there yet of this matter.  So since we're both starting from a dead stop, maybe we could try to juice things a little on both sides and then pass relevant coordination messages between.

Personally Evan, and in line with the suggestion that we skip mind shares on points of disagreement, I'd suggest that compliance has never been a big seller in NC. LEA, WHOIS, etc, we're just not on the same page enough (in some cases, internally as well as bilaterally).    And conflict of interest——to me personally anyway, I don't see this as something we need to carry the flag on, the corporate SGs are all over it and the board is already grouping toward a response  What about trying to isolate some longer-term strategic issues that otherwise not get any play but that go to those bits of "the global public interest" that we share?

Internationalization and the larger geopolitics that impinge on it is certainly one of these, I'd think.  NCSG has raised this in its last few meetings with board, and while the early efforts were far too anodyne, the last one actually got to some useful inputs and responses that maybe could be pushed a bit through joint action.  Ditto the linked but separable questions around engagement with developing country governments and stakeholders.

And I imagine we might have comparable approaches to the CEO Farewell Reception ;-)  So what else is there?  Can we identify three big ticket items, making for 20 minutes on each? Something on new gTLD roll out issues?  ALAC has a new gTLD WG some of our members participate in, maybe there's something to be discussed related to its efforts?

What do people think are the pressing public interest issues at stake now that NCSG and ALAC could collaborate on?


On Jun 4, 2012, at 7:28 AM, Evan Leibovitch wrote:

> Hi all,
> From the ALAC point of view, the hot topics are Compliance, Conflict of Interest, and i18n (internationalisation) issues.
> What would NCSG folks like to deal with when we meet?
> Note: from a personal PoV I would like to have an agenda that resulted in Action Items to work on -- possibly resulting in joint work or statements -- as opposed to just a general "let's try to figure our where each other's minds are at" discussion that doesn't really lead to followup. I'd prefer to concentrate on areas of shared interest.
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