Proposed Changes to Constituency Day - Singapore Meeting

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Just to kick off the discussion with some suggested topics:

1.       The role of the GAC within ICANN and how this might affect its stakeholder groups.

2.       Trademark issues.



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Konstantinos and I have tentatively agreed with the time for this meeting.

We need to come up with 3 three topics/issues to send the Board.

I suggest that people suggest topics over the next few days, we can talk about this during the Open members policy meeting, then I can put together a doodle poll and we can send the top 3 selections to the Board.



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Subject: FW: Proposed Changes to Constituency Day - Singapore Meeting

Dear Avri & Konstantinos - As you will recall, we were not able to implement this change at the SV/SF meeting.  The Board would like this constituency day schedule in Singapore.  The main pieces are:

For Tuesday - the constituency will come to the Board - the room will be set up with a head table for the Chairs and Vice Chairs of the constituency as well as Chair, Vice Chair of the Board, CEO and key staff support.  The remaining board members and constituency members will have microphones available for questions - and there will be observer chairs without microphones for those who regularly observe the constituency meeting.

If you could submit three topics/issues on which they would like the Board's view - the Board will also send three topics to the constituency on which they would like the constituency's view.  Please send these to me to coordinate.

For SV/SF,  you kindly requested a time for the meeting.   I hope that we will be able to use this time slot in Singapore.  To remind you,  the proposed time for SV/SF was 3:30pm - 4:30pm.

I will confirm the room with you shortly.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Diane Schroeder

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Subject: Proposed Changes to Constituency Day - Silicon Valley Meeting - From Peter Dengate Thrush

The following note is being sent on behalf of Peter Dengate Thrush.

As I mentioned to most of you in Cartagena, the Board is proposing a change to the interactions between the various community groups and the Board at the face-to-face meetings.  The change is being proposed to try to improve the format for dialogue and make the discussions more focused.  The changes will be tried at the March meeting and then reviewed for effectiveness before the June meeting.  There are two main changes - the first is to the meetings on Tuesday, Constituency Day.  The second is to social events such as dinners, lunches and breakfasts.  Attached is a document explaining the changes in detail.  Please coordinate the time slots with Diane Schroeder.  She will also coordinate the social events.  The Board appreciates that these are big changes for the community, but our goal is to enhance the communications between the Board and the SO/ACs.

Warmest regards,

Peter Dengate Thrush

Diane Schroeder

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