[ncdnhc-discuss] Second Status Report on Implementation of Evolution and Reform

YJ Park yjpark at myepark.com
Thu Jul 25 17:11:41 CEST 2002

Dear Jefsey,

> I guess that if the ERC wanted assistance instead of support it would 
> behave differently. I am afraid that the only result of this attitude will 
> kill the consensus we consensually agreed the ICANN needed to  get out of 
> its smoke screen "by surprise management" crisis. 

I do share your concern in the way assistance for ERC was sought.

> The result is that most probably the ICANN is to end up as an 
> "ICANN meetings" organizer, with little or no bearing on what is not the 
> strict ".arpa" namespace managerment. This will obviously fully confrom 
> with the RFC 920 but it will call for the ITU-I to be created at some stage, 
> while ity could have been the ITU-IANA.

Observing some debates and proposals with respect to ITU in this context, 
I wonder whether Internet users and other interest groups really want their
voices to be represented by the governments folks who don't really interact 
with public at-large in general. 

> The challenge we now have is to organize enough to get that ITU-I rolling 
> in a way it cooperates with the ailing Telecomunication industry, rather 
> than depending from it. Obvioulsy WorldCom helps a lot. But this will 
> happen through network expansion and innovation rather than by by-laws 
> discussions.

I wish I could have such confidence you do have about the future....


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