[ncdnhc-discuss] Second Status Report on Implementation of Evolution and Reform

Adam Peake ajp at glocom.ac.jp
Thu Jul 25 14:37:13 CEST 2002

Wish all the people who have volunteered to work on this stuff well.
Only concern is that the non-commercial view is not particularly well 
represented on the domain policy group. Bret will do a fine job, but 
perhaps an other would have been positive.  Seem to remember that the 
UDRP, very important piece of domain name policy and one of ICANN's 
few successes, was very much improved by "non-commercial" input. 
Taking that success as an example, some more thought to an additional 
mind from the non-commercial world would be helpful.

And additional diversity would not a bad idea, how we make policy 
differs from place to place, a process apparently intuitive, may not 
be so.

(Not volunteering.)


>Thank you, Eric and Hans, for reminding us of this process!
>>  When I read the Second Status Report, I was surprised to see that my name
>>  was not included in the list of people providing assistance to the
>>  ERC.  Like those listed, I had offered to serve.
>So, ERC now has three kind of assistance from various people.
>My first impression on these efforts is it would have been much
>better to have more balanced representation in each identified
>assistance by ERC.
>Name policy group has too many people from some specific
>region which strangely also applies to ALAC.
>Furthermore, it would be desirable for Becky to share who she
>is working together with. I am happy to provide my views to enhance
>accountability in implementing blueprint. As pointed out in Bucharest,
>the blueprint does need careful attentions to implement "geographical
>diversity" due to the current one or two representation from various
>Becky Burr to provide recommendations for implementing several specific
>aspects of the Blueprint dealing with accountability. Charter of the Office
>Ombudsman, the independent review arbitration process for alleged bylaw
>violations, and appropriate modifications of the Reconsideration Policy of
>Rita Rodin has agreed to lead an assistance effort dealing with the names
>policy development process. Bret Fausett, Jeff Neuman, Marilyn Cade,
>Carolyn Chicoine, Phillip Sheppard, Guillermo Carey and Bruce Tonkin.
>At-Large Advisory Committee: Gabriel Piñeiro (LatinoamerICANN);
>Tommi Karttaavi (ISOC Finland); Peter M. Shane (InSITeS - Institute for the
>Study of Information Technology and Society); Núria de la Fuente Teixidó
>(STEC - Sistemas Técnicos de Enseñanza Consultores);
>Edmundo Valenti (Internet Society Argentina Chapter); Vittorio Bertola (ISOC
>Izumi Aizu (former NAIS member - NGO and Academic ICANN Study).
>Thank you,
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