[ncdnhc-discuss] Re: More on SVPA

Milton Mueller Mueller at syr.edu
Wed Nov 7 16:59:09 CET 2001

>>> "Alejandro Pisanty - CUAED y FQ, UNAM" <apisan at servidor.unam.mx> 11/06/01 12:55AM >>>
Can we face the fact that you tried to kick out Dave and couldn't 
this time, and go on with our other subjects? Like, would the 

Wrong. "Discuss" is an open list. No one gets kicked
off, so Crocker's status as a representative of 
SVPA is immaterial to his participation. 

This is not about Crocker. I could care less about
him; as I have noted repeatedly I filter his messages
after years of experience with his abusive methods
and unconstructive dialogue. 

I am, however, concerned about the broader 
issue of people who have agendas that are unrelated 
to their participation in some nonprofit organization, 
and join NCDNHC under subterfuges. 

We do have settled policy on how to handle this 
problem when the representative is the same person as 
the rep for another constituency. 

We do not have settled policy on Crocker-like cases.
But we should develop one. I note with interest
that the organiztion in question (SVPA) has not 
sent a note defending or verifying his participation.

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