[ncdnhc-discuss] Re: More on SVPA

Milton Mueller Mueller at syr.edu
Wed Nov 7 15:56:12 CET 2001

>>> Dany Vandromme <vandrome at renater.fr> 11/06/01 01:23PM >>>
Hi all There are too many mails on the list for me to have time to read them
(and answer eventually).

MM ===> 
You aren't missing much.

Dany ===>
So far, there is only one resolution (.org divestiture by Milton),
submitted in due time (>3 weeks before the constituency meeting). 

MM ===>
Actually, the original security resolution was submitted
a long time ago, even before the .org one. It is within
our procedures to amend it online via "friendly amendments,"
i.e., those accepted by the proposer. 

Also, I believe that the GAC resolution was also
submitted on time. 


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