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Chun Eung Hwi ehchun at peacenet.or.kr
Mon Nov 5 20:57:32 CET 2001

Dear Alejandro,

On Mon, 5 Nov 2001, Alejandro Pisanty - CUAED y FQ, UNAM wrote:
> allow me to disagree. What you write means that we decide who is appointed
> as a representative by an organization. 

No, it depends on that organization. The point is that member organization
should think over this issue of "conflicts of interest" and should be more
responsible for that reflecting the spirit of charter.

> The only exception we make is for voting rights in other parts of the
> ICANN structure, to avoid double voting by organizations. In
> conflict-of-interest situations our standard has been one of
> disclosure. For the case that has you so hot, ie Dave Crocker's, we
> have had quite complete disclosure. The handling of this case has been
> disgraceful and will surely alienate even more organizations in a
> plural spectrum from joining the NCDNHC.

Right! Disclosure! And Self-discipline! - I think that this is the best
solution. And debate on this issue. We are proceeding on it. And what do
you think to do if somebody is confessing that I have direct commercial
and private interests in ICANN but I want to keep the contact point of
NCDNHC member?


Chun Eung Hwi
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