[ncdnhc-discuss] Membership Status ofSiliconValleyPublicAccessLink

Nilda Vany Martinez Grajales vany at sdnp.org.pa
Mon Nov 5 17:54:21 CET 2001


Chun Eung Hwi wrote:

> Sure! Non-commercial registries like most ccTLDs. Now, they have
> non-voting status in our constituency. We have never excluded them from
> the NCC.

Chun, you are mixing two different concepts.
Here the challenge is about a delegate, not about organizations.
The voting status is for organizations, not for delegates.

The organization that Dave Crocker represents inside the NCDNHC has a full
voting status.
Dave Crocker is not representing, neither personally neither officially, any
other interests inside ICANN structure.
Then, my conclusion is that, he is fully qualified to remain as delegate by its
organization inside the NCDNHC.

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Nilda Vany Martinez Grajales
Information Technology Specialist
Sustainable Development Networking Programme/Panama
e-mail: vany at sdnp.org.pa

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