[Membership-affairs] Dismal survey response rates

William Drake william.drake at uzh.ch
Wed Mar 11 14:05:22 CET 2015

Hi Walid

> On Mar 11, 2015, at 12:22 PM, Walid AL-SAQAF <wsaqaf at GMAIL.COM> wrote:
> Dear friends,
> It looks like the NCUC survey is not getting enough traction as far as
> I can tell. As of today, we have only 16 responses (less than 4%).

Don’t be dismayed, people are often slow to get through their inbox and respond to mail list prompts to do something.  That’s why the elections are spread over weeks.
> Do you have any suggestions to encourage more participation? Would it
> be a good idea for example to post a message on the ICANN Fellows
> mailing list (or other lists) for example where I know many are
> actually NCUC members? We don't want to abuse those lists but if they
> have to do with ICANN maybe such a step could be acceptable.

Maryam sent the message just two days ago.  How about you give it a few days so as not to have people feel they’re being assaulted and then send a follow up message as MAT poo bah explaining a little more the rationale, that this was prompted by discussions on the list a few months back plus larger longer term threads in and out of NCUC etc, and encourage participation?  Also, maybe with a subject line line PLEASE RESPOND/IMPORTANT: NCUC Membership Engagement Survey, so it stand out in cluttered inboxes.
> Could Maryam send out the invitation directly to members (via bcc)
> through mass email instead of through the NCUC-discuss? It is not
> unlikely that some members just ignore or automatically filter out
> emails with the [NCUC-DISCUSS] heading (or other mailing list messages
> for that matter).

My suggestion would be to do this in a week or two after we’ve already done a couple list promptings and see where we are.  I wouldn’t ask Maryam to do this today, inter alia because it’s her birthday :-)

Maryam would sending out bilateral emails to each member from the data base be something you could do in one motion, or would you have to send 400 separate messages?  I don’t know the db’s capabilities in this respect…



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