[Membership-affairs] Dismal survey response rates

Walid AL-SAQAF wsaqaf at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 12:22:06 CET 2015

Dear friends,

It looks like the NCUC survey is not getting enough traction as far as
I can tell. As of today, we have only 16 responses (less than 4%).

Do you have any suggestions to encourage more participation? Would it
be a good idea for example to post a message on the ICANN Fellows
mailing list (or other lists) for example where I know many are
actually NCUC members? We don't want to abuse those lists but if they
have to do with ICANN maybe such a step could be acceptable.

Could Maryam send out the invitation directly to members (via bcc)
through mass email instead of through the NCUC-discuss? It is not
unlikely that some members just ignore or automatically filter out
emails with the [NCUC-DISCUSS] heading (or other mailing list messages
for that matter).

Any ideas?



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