[Ncuc-na] [Travel support call] Community Regional Outreach Program (CROP) - Opportunity to travel to events for outreach/inreach

Michael Karanicolas mkaranicolas at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 16:21:44 CET 2017

Hi everyone

This is to inform you of opportunities for our members to travel to
events and do outreach/inreach for NCUC through a program known as
CROP (Community Regional Outreach Program).

For those amongst you who are interested, kindly keep in mind that
most of these trips must be regional; mainly in the continent where
the member is based. Only one exception can be applied when the member
is travelling in another continent, accordingly they can apply for
that other continent where they are travelling through.

Applications for the next year  can be received anytime until April
2018, and all the members who are interested in applying should write
to NCUC Chair

raquino at gmail.com and  maryam.bakoshi at icann.org

Please see the rules below.


Michael Karanicolas


What Does CROP Provide in FY18?

Standard Travel Authorizations

1.      Trip Allocations (4 days, 3 nights maximum):

a.      Five (5) individual regional trips which may include one (1)
out of region trip if necessary, allocated to GNSO Constituencies
including: Business, Intellectual Property, Internet Services
Provider, Non-Commercial Users, and Not-for-Profit Operational

2.      Funded Costs/Expenses:

Includes transportation (economy class), lodging, and per diem (4
days, 3 nights maximum)

3.      Visa Fees & Registration Fees:

Travellers will be reimbursed for visa fees (up to $200 USD) and for
conference registration fees where applicable (up to $800 USD)

4.      Booking:

All travel booked via ICANN Constituency Travel to ensure consistency,
proper accounting, recordation, and tracking against budget.

General Procedures

•       All trips and outreach activities must be completed before the
end of ICANN's 2018 fiscal year. Traveling participants must have
returned to their originating destination on or before 30 June 2018.

•       Minimum timeframes: An individual trip must be approved within
the participant's organization/structure, including coordination with
the applicable regional Stakeholder Engagement V.P. team a minimum of
6-weeks prior to the proposed travel date. This 6-week period is the
absolute minimum time and should not be considered a "best practice".
Notice and planning with regional teams should take place as early as

•       Travel may not be booked individually or through the event
organizers. ICANN's Constituency Travel department will manage all
travel booking and ensure that any financial outlays are optimized to
the maximum extent possible.

•       A Trip Assessment must be completed for each outreach activity
attended (within 3 weeks of returning). The assessment should clearly
and specifically describe if/how the original purpose(s) and
outcome(s) were realized as well as details of the event itself (who,
what, where, when, and why).

•       Trips must originate and conclude within the same region and
should, wherever practicable, be taken by someone working in or
proximate to that territory. GNSO Constituencies may attend one out of
region trip per fiscal year within the five trip allocations.

•       It will not be possible to support trip "compounding" or
"splitting" of expenses or any other strategy with a goal of
increasing the number of individual trips assigned to an organization.
ICANN appreciates all reasonable efforts on the part of participants
to minimize expenses; however, to properly manage this unique
resource, each individual trip stands on its own and will require
separate authorization and tracking.

Submission form

•       All of those who wish  to submit a proposal for the CROP must
fill the following form:

Name of Event


How you plan to outreach for NCUC at the event?

Why you think your application should be considered?

•       The timeline for submitting requests is critical and has to be
submitted to us at least two months before the event. If you would
like to suggest an event, please consider this timeline.

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