[Ncuc-na] [Call for Applications] Onboarding Program - 1 New Mentee Slot

Michael Karanicolas mkaranicolas at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 16:20:18 CET 2017

Hi All,

ICANN has a great program called The Onboarding Program which connects
experienced Mentors to Mentees from Constituencies and Advisory
Committees. NCUC was a founding member of the pilot program and now we
seek a New Mentee to join us!

The Onboarding Program aims at helping Members of NCUC (newcomers or
longtime members) engage more deeply in the policy-making process of

These Members of NCUC  who have already some professional or academic
background and contributions which make them familiar with ICANN’s
policy-making work. You should be interested in one or more areas of
policy development currently taking place.

The team is formed by 2 mentees and 1 mentor, we are currently looking
for 1 mentee (the rest of the team is formed by Kathy Kleinman
(mentor) and Louise Hurel (mentee)), the team meets for a day before
the ICANN meeting starts with the full Onboarding Program of ICANN,
and then continues its discussions and work as an NCUC team between

Any NCUC member interested, please send in your application until Dec
8 to raquino at gmail.com and maryam.bakoshi at icann.org. We ask you to

A summary of your background and areas of experience,

Your areas of interest in policy development of ICANN, and

Your work-to-date in policy development at ICANN, including what
Working Groups you are have joined (as a member or observer) and what
comments you have written (in whole or participated in).

If you want to “dig deeper” in the ICANN policy making process, please
let us know!

See more below,


Michael Karanicolas
North America EC Rep

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