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Louise Marie Hurel louise.marie.hsd at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 09:40:34 CEST 2018

Hi all,

NCSG opened 2 travel slots for members wishing to get more involved in our
activities in Barcelona.
Please note that the deadline for applications is *August 8.*

Let me know if you have any questions or if you'd be interested in

All the best,

Louise Marie Hurel

Cybersecurity Project Coordinator | Igarapé Institute

London School of Economics (LSE) Media and Communications (Data and Society)
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Hi everyone,

It’s time to receive candidates for sponsored travellers at ICANN63.

This is a call for NCSG supported travellers - NCUC, NPOC and NCSG
independent members are eligible.

The budget is for 2 attendees who wish to be more involved with
activities of the stakeholder group, as you can see in the travel
policy (https://www.ncuc.org/get-involved/travel-policy/) .

The next meeting is in Barcelona - Spain, and we ask you to be ready
to be mindful of visa requirements and prepare all your documentation
to attend.

Meeting dates: 20-25 October 2018

The selected candidate should participate in all meeting days

This opportunity offers a budget of 2000 USD maximum per traveller.
Funds will be reimbursed to you upon conclusion of your trip and
delivery of a report (which may be published as a blog post) and
relevant receipts.

Consider the following points in your statement.

1. Why do you want to attend the meeting? Which Working groups or
policy discussions you have been involved with and would like to be
involved further. If you have not been involved in policy discussions,
which policy discussion(s) will  get involved with? (please provide
links to your mailing list contributions and your record of attendance
in WG meetings)

2. How much support do you need? Indicate airfare, hotel, visa
expenses (Remember that we want to support as many mentees as
possible, so the less you ask for the more likely you are to receive
funding - of course, it also depends on your motivation letter- and we
don't offer per diem.)

3. How much time, effort and work will you spend studying policy
topics before, during and after the meeting? And will you stay engaged
or volunteer to mentor future NCSG members? If you have been a part of
NCUC Buddy Pilot program or plan to participate in this or other
training programs within NCSG, NCUC or NPOC please mention.

Please note that if you do not get engaged satisfactorily with NCSG
and ICANN policymaking, your fellowship might be revoked.

Names of successful applicants would be posted in NCSG main list

Please send in your application to

chair at ncuc.org

maryam.bakoshi at icann.com

Deadline to apply: 8 Aug 2018

Applications will be reviewed by our Executive Committee and
successful candidates will be announced 22 Aug 2018 this call or as
soon as EC concludes deliberation.

This selected candidates can be from NCSG (Independent Members), NPOC
or NCUC. After the applications are received, NCUC EC is open to
receive advice via email on the profile of applicants to examine the
qualifications accordingly from NPOC Chair and NCSG Chair.

Thank you

PS: I had sent this to the wrong list so we can consider extending the
deadline but as the meeting is upcoming and visa is needed for many
countries, I`d appreciate it if we can keep Aug 8.

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