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Dear All,

The GNSO Council Leadership issued a call for volunteers who are GNSO
members interested in joining the Transfer Policy Review Scoping Team.
Please see the details on the email below and apply if you meet the
criteria and wish to collaborate with this effort.

Best Regards,
Bruna Santos

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Subject: **REMINDER - due by Friday, 18 October 2019 / Call for Volunteers:
Transfer Policy Review Scoping Team
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**REMINDER - due by Friday, 18 October 2019

Dear Bruna,

As you may be aware, ICANN Org delivered the most recent version of the
Transfer Policy Status Report (TPSR) to the GNSO Council on 22 April 2019.
ICANN Org delivered the TPSR pursuant to Recommendation 18 of the
Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP) Part D PDP Working Group, which
provides, “[t]he Working Group recommends that contracted parties and ICANN
should start to gather data and other relevant information that will help
inform a future IRTP review team in its efforts.”

The TPSR provides details on the noted purposes of the Transfer Policy
(formerly known as the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP)), an overview
of the domain name transfer process, the impact of the Temporary
Specification and the Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) on the
Transfer Policy, metrics related to the Transfer Policy, and a summary of
the public comments and survey responses to the published TPSR.

The GNSO Operating Procedures do not prescribe specific steps to be taken
in response to a Policy Status Report. As this is the first such review
activity, the Council is able to consider a range of options to determine
the best path forward and is now looking for assistance in scoping further
work on the Transfer Policy review effort.

The GNSO Council agreed to launch a call for volunteers for a Transfer
Policy Review Scoping Team, which will be comprised of interested and
knowledgeable GNSO Members that will advise the GNSO Council by providing
recommendations on the following:

   - approach to the review (for example, by initiating a new PDP);
   - composition of the review team or PDP working group,  and
   - scope of the review and future policy work related to the Transfer

As noted in the TPSR, there have been many technical and policy
developments since the Transfer Policy first came into effect. To that end,
some Council members have noted the Transfer Policy Review Scoping Team may
choose to consider a methodology for further work on the Transfer Policy in
a broader context. Some have also suggested that it may be timely to
approach the Transfer Policy from a clean slate perspective – instead of
trying to fix previously-identified issues, it might be worth rethinking
the Transfer Policy as a whole by starting with a clean slate.
Additionally, some have suggested utilizing some of the GNSO PDP 3.0
Improvements when scoping and chartering the eventual policy work, in
whatever form it takes.

The Council is now calling for volunteers who are GNSO members interested
in joining the Transfer Policy Review Scoping Team. As noted above, the
GNSO Council is looking for volunteers who possess policy and/or technical
expertise on the Transfer Policy. The Transfer Policy Scoping Team is
expected to have bi-weekly teleconferences for one hour each. Between
meetings, the Transfer Policy Review Scoping Team may work using
collaborative tools. The expected time commitment is estimated to be
approximately 2-3 hours every week, and the GNSO Council expects to receive
guidance from the Scoping Team by *February 2020*.

Any candidates interested in participating should fill out the following form
*Friday, 18 October 2019*. The response should include a link to an
up-to-date Statement of Interest

If you have any questions or concerns about this effort, please let us know
as soon as possible.

With best regards,

Keith Drazek, Pam Little and Rafik Dammak, GNSO Council Chair and

On behalf of GNSO Council Leadership
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