.Pirate Domains Now Available Through OpenNic

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+1  in THEORY the original question sounds well, in PRACTICE it is quite


On 5/17/2012 14:09, David Cake wrote:
> On 17/05/2012, at 1:42 PM, Horacio T. Cadiz wrote:
>> On 05/16/2012 08:43 AM, David Cake wrote:
>>> I've suggested previously that the only reason alternate roots have
>>> failed in the past is that none of them have got significant user
>>> share, and that Pirate bay/The Pirate party is one of the few groups
>>> that could probably provide impetus for a significant uptake.
>>   Why do you think Pirate Bay would gain more traction than
>> the other alternate roots? What makes them different from
>> AlterNIC and the like?
> 	A very small percentage of the population care about DNS, and even know what AlterNIC is.
> 	A much larger percentage of the population care about access to pirated media, and know what Pirate Bay is.
> 	Or to put it another way - does anyone think it likely that AlterNIC, or other alternate roots, would ever have their own political party, that actually gets members elected in several countries?
> 	Cheers
> 		David

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