NCSG & ALAC @ Singapore

William Drake william.drake at UZH.CH
Wed Jun 8 22:34:09 CEST 2011


Given the difficulties finding a time that works at the last few meetings, I didn't bother trying to propose some sort of joint social evening this time around.  But now I can't help wondering if, despite the late date, we shouldn't  at least try to arrange a brief working meeting regarding some issues of common concern.  For example, on our call the other night, we discussed a couple possible action items that would be of direct relevance, 

*A NCUC (or if possible, NCSG) statement of support for the JAS group, and ALAC's endorsement thereof

*Possible rebooting of some effort with regard to the RAA, in which ALAC is also interested

Before I write to Olivier et al to see whether they could find an hour somewhere in their schedule, perhaps people here could indicate whether in principle they'd support/participate in such a meeting?  If so, maybe we could do it at the end of Constituency Day?  



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