CEO search starts off in a promising vein

Adam Peake ajp at GLOCOM.AC.JP
Tue Dec 13 16:03:46 CET 2011

The technical section a bit unnecessary, someone 
with a strong technical management background and 
all the other skill shouldn't be troubled by the 
DNS and the odd regulated structure that's ICANN.

Seems a job description is being prepared 
separately to the candidate profile.  So we can 
tell the search committee of our concerns. And I 
think George Sadowsky is still on this list.


At 2:42 PM +0000 12/13/11, Milton L Mueller wrote:
>Interesting observation. I did not catch that. I 
>wonder if it is just an issue of phrasing: they 
>should have said ³the ability to successfully 
>manage ICANN¹s evolutionŠ²
>I have heard rumors about a specific internal 
>candidate, but that person would not meet many 
>of the other criteria, e.g., multilingual
>It suggests they have an internal candidate who has managed ICANN's evolution.

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