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Subject: 	[ NNSquad ] "Domain Bias in Web Search"
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"Domain Bias in Web Search"

http://j.mp/rzVgiZ  (Stanford [PDF])

    "This paper uncovers a new phenomenon in web search that we call
     domain bias - a user's propensity to believe that a page is more
     relevant just because it comes from a particular domain. We
     provide evidence of the existence of domain bias in click activity
     as well as in human judgments via a comprehensive collection of
     experiments. We begin by studying the dierence between domains
     that a search engine surfaces and that users click. Surprisingly,
     we nd that despite changes in the overall distribution of surfaced
     domains, there has not been a comparable shift in the distribution
     of clicked domains. Users seem to have learned the landscape of
     the internet and their click behavior has thus become more
     predictable over time."

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