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Can you tell us what the issues are? How does the inter-registrar transfer process affect our members?

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I am the co-chair in the IRTP-C WG and do hope that the NCSG can send in a timely response to this Constituency/SG call for comments.  I do not know if this is one where the constituencies can agree, be interesting to find out.  Of course separate comments from each of the Constituencies, full or candidate, are also valued - especially if there are areas that are not of common NCSG concern.

One thing, this WG is on an accelerated path - we are trying to see if we can do the PDP in a reasonable amount of time.  So the date for the end of the call is real, and I doubt we will be extending it. But you never know.

Another voluntary thing the WG has put into effect is asking for each Constituency and Stakeholder group to designate participants who are at least tracking  if not participating actively.  We have been calling these participants, hopefully at least one per C/SG, 'committed participants' (or stuckees).  We will be looking at these people to try and ascertain that the WG is getting full distribution among the GNSO community, something we need to document in the final report.  Obviously this is voluntary, but as co-chairs, we will be checking with the stuckees and will ask for replacements if they find they can no longer follow the work of the WG.  You will notice that the template does include a place to include the name of committed participants.

Now, I am obviously one committed NCSG participant, and will try to convey any NCSG based viewpoint in addition to my own. But as a co-chair of the group will be largely focused on the process of the WG.  James, my co-chair, and I have arranged to allow each other to speak as C/SG member by deferring the chairing of the group to the other co-chair when one wants/needs to speak from a C/SG perspective.

For individual comment a comment period is currently open: http://www.icann.org/en/announcements/announcement-21nov11-en.htm

The WG Wiki for further information: https://community.icann.org/display/gnsoirtppdpwg/Home

You will find the URL for the call for volunteers on that page.   There was a tutorial on the issues of IRTP yesterday, that will soon be made available on the wiki site for anyone who is interested in getting up to speed on what IRTP-C is all about:  'change of control' for registrations, form of authorization (FOA), and standardized IANA ID usage by registrars.



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Dear All,

The GNSO Council has formed a Working Group of interested stakeholders and Stakeholder Group / Constituency representatives, to collaborate broadly with knowledgeable individuals and organizations, in order to consider recommendations for a number of issues related to the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP).

Part of the working group’s effort will be to incorporate ideas and suggestions gathered from Stakeholder Groups and Constituencies through this Stakeholder Group / Constituency Statement. Inserting your Stakeholder Group’s / Constituency’s response in this form (see attached) will make it much easier for the Working Group to summarize the responses. This information is helpful to the community in understanding the points of view of various stakeholders. However, you should feel free to add any information you deem important to inform the working group’s deliberations, even if this does not fit into any of the questions listed below.

PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR RESPONSE AT THE LATEST BY 6 JANUARY 2012 TO THE GNSO SECRETARIAT (gnso.secretariat at gnso.icann.org<mailto:gnso.secretariat at gnso.icann.org>), which will forward your statement to the IRTP Part C Working Group.


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