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Hi Robin (and all of our other NCUC Council Reps),
Thank you for posting this Council invitation for comments on  Whois.  As I 
think about preparing comments, I would be interested to know  your thoughts 
and the background of this new proceeding. Based on the  discussions on the 
Council meetings and lists (and perhaps some informal  conversations as well):
- what do you think Council is expecting from these  comments?
- what would you like to see from these comments (what would assist you  and 
past NCUC Whois positions)?
- what do you think/know/sense that the Intellectual Property/ Business  
Constituencies want from this set of comments and will demand?


Thanks for the background and insight, and for all your efforts as our  
Council reps!

Begin forwarded message:

GNSO Council invites Recommendations  for Future Studies on WHOIS

Public comments are invited until 15 February 2008  on recommendations
for future studies on the WHOIS system.

Submit comments to: _whois-comments-2008 at icann.org_ 
(mailto:whois-comments-2008 at 
View comments at: _ 

At the 31 October meeting in Los Angeles, the  Generic Names Supporting
Organization (GNSO) Council voted to conduct  several studies of the
WHOIS system, concluding that a comprehensive,  objective and
quantifiable understanding of key factual issues  regarding the gTLD
WHOIS system will benefit future GNSO policy  development efforts.
Before defining the details of these studies, the  Council is soliciting
suggestions from the community for specific topics  of study on WHOIS
that community stakeholders recommend be  conducted.
Possible areas of study might include a study of  certain aspects of gTLD
registrants and registrations, a study of certain  uses and misuses of
WHOIS data, a study of the use of proxy  registration services, including
privacy services, or a comparative study of gTLD  and ccTLD WHOIS.
If you would like to offer suggestions about topics  of study on WHOIS,
please do so by completing the online form  available by clicking on the
following link _ 
( .  Please submit a separate online  form for
each study that you recommend should be conducted  and answer all
questions with as much detail as possible.  Please limit your online
answers to 1-2 paragraphs per question.  Additional detail and any
supporting materials may be emailed to: _whois-comments-2008 at icann.org_ 
(mailto:whois-comments-2008 at .
You are also invited to comment on proposed studies  that have already
been posted.  To do so please reference the  specific proposal you are
commenting on.  Lastly, you may also provide input  via email, instead of
posting online via the form provided.  To do so, please send email  to
_whois-comments-2008 at icann.org_ (mailto:whois-comments-2008 at .
More information about policy activities related to  WHOIS can be found
at: _ 

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat - ICANN
_http://gnso.icann.org_ ( 

Robin Gross, Executive Director
1192 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA  94117  USA
p: +1-415-553-6261    f: +1-415-462-6451
w: _http://www.ipjustice.org_ (      e: 
_robin at ipjustice.org_ (mailto:robin at 



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