WHOIS expertise?

Adam Peake ajp at GLOCOM.AC.JP
Wed Jun 22 14:04:12 CEST 2005

yes, we really need non-commercial experts present at this meeting

ACTIVITIES ON THE INTERNET"  (sorry for caps, that's how it cut and

GAC's meeting, but if we suggest relevant people to present a view
from a data protection, privacy and rights perspective I can only
think they will find it useful...

But who? As Karen says, think it's more people on data protection,
privacy and security, rather than Whois per se.  Some thoughts:

Simon Davies or Gus Hosein, Privacy international <http://www.privacy.org>
Rikke Frank Joergensen, Senior adviser at The Danish Institute for Human Rights
David Maher (?)



At 12:47 PM +0100 6/22/05, karen banks wrote:
>Dear all
>I am debating over how many people the Consituency needs at this meeting.
>>I have been a member of the WHOIS Task Force 2 since it started over a
>>year and a half ago. The recommendation I drafted (#2) is now in
>>circulation.  I see clearly the traps that are being laid for our
>>Constituency and our privacy concerns in Luxembourg.  It is ridiculous
>>that only law enforcement issues/WHOIS are being discussed while the data
>>protection officials who wanted to attend this meeting and talk were
>>dismissed (for some future, remote meeting).  I think there are some snags
>>we can throw into the process...
>>I think our Executive Board should meet to debate and decide our
>>priorities for this meeting -- and who they would like to see attend.
>Many civil society advocates who work in data protection, privacy rights
>and 'security' issues have become involved indirectly in the WHOIS debates
>through the WSIS/WGIG process.. by this i mean advocates who work
>explicitly in these areas such as represetnatives from Privacy
>International, and various national human rights institutes.
>They have been very helpful in our work in the WGIG recently and the WSIS
>more generally.
>Would it be useful to try to bring one of these people to the meeting as an
>additional 'expert' on privacy, data protection and associated legal and
>security issues?
>If NCUC was agreeable, we would probably have to look for resources
>(thougnthis may not be the situation in all cases).
>Let me know what you think..

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