WHOIS expertise?

karen banks karenb at GN.APC.ORG
Wed Jun 22 13:47:02 CEST 2005

Dear all

I am debating over how many people the Consituency needs at this meeting.
>I have been a member of the WHOIS Task Force 2 since it started over a
>year and a half ago. The recommendation I drafted (#2) is now in
>circulation.  I see clearly the traps that are being laid for our
>Constituency and our privacy concerns in Luxembourg.  It is ridiculous
>that only law enforcement issues/WHOIS are being discussed while the data
>protection officials who wanted to attend this meeting and talk were
>dismissed (for some future, remote meeting).  I think there are some snags
>we can throw into the process...
>I think our Executive Board should meet to debate and decide our
>priorities for this meeting -- and who they would like to see attend.

Many civil society advocates who work in data protection, privacy rights
and 'security' issues have become involved indirectly in the WHOIS debates
through the WSIS/WGIG process.. by this i mean advocates who work
explicitly in these areas such as represetnatives from Privacy
International, and various national human rights institutes.

They have been very helpful in our work in the WGIG recently and the WSIS
more generally.

Would it be useful to try to bring one of these people to the meeting as an
additional 'expert' on privacy, data protection and associated legal and
security issues?

If NCUC was agreeable, we would probably have to look for resources
(thougnthis may not be the situation in all cases).

Let me know what you think..


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