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Milton Mueller mueller at SYR.EDU
Wed Jul 13 12:34:56 CEST 2005

NCUC meetings July 11, 2005

Milton Mueller, Robin Gross, Karen Banks, Adam Peake, Jeanette Hoffman,
Marcelo Fernandes Costa, Carlos Afonso, Norbert Klein, Avri Doria, three

Administrative matters
 New elections, transition issues. Discussion of need for someone to
volunteer to take over the constituency chair  position when Mueller
"retires" after his second term, as required by the charter. Some
interest was expressed by specific people.

The group agreed to send a formal request to Marc for documents
accounting for his airplane ticket and hotel bill within two weeks. If
this was not received within the deadline the Executive Committee would
be required to replace him on the Council.

Adopted a draft whois purpose statement for circulation to list.
Gave voting directions to Council members on the notification and
national exceptions recommendations.

GNSO Council
Council members N. Klein and R. Gross discussed the process issues that
are consuming the attention of the GNSO.  These problems have arisen in
connection with the .net reassigment. NCUC came to no conclusions about
this but  agreed that the problem was not raised first by .net but was a
recurring and common problem pointing to a structural  flaws in ICANN's
The role of ICANN in protection of consumers of domain names was
discussed. It was agreed that the global nature of  the DNS market often
made national protection inadequate. Why is it possible to protect TM
holders but not individual  registrants? Why were TM holders not told to
rely on national law? The constituency may make this into an initiative
but  needs to complete whois and new TLDs first.

NCUC agreed to create an award for Task Force work.

A representative of .mobi made a presentation

Joint ALAC meeting [Held in the afternoon from 2:30 - 5:00]

Discussed whois, where there is common agreement.

A lot of time spent discussing new TLDs. The ALAC and NCUC have had
similar positions on new TLDs, opposing  BC/IP attempts to make all TLDs
sponsored and restricted and supporting application driven proposals and
 nondiscriminatory, objective and scheduled procedures for assignment.
Both entities will dig up and adjust 2-year old  position papers.

There was intense debate of separate or combined tracks for IDNs. The
group agreed to support separate tracks.  Statement draft will be
circulated on the list soon. IDNs should be handled by language groups
and not confined to  ccTLDs, although ccTLDs should be able to apply for
them as gTLDs singly or jointly. GNSO and ICANN need to  involve people
from the affected language groups.

ALAC and NUCU agreed to appoint official liaisons who will be added to
the appropriate email lists.

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