Soccer Tournament in Mar del Plata

Harold Feld hfeld at MEDIAACCESS.ORG
Wed Jan 5 15:52:54 CET 2005

I'm sorry, this is just too funny for me.

In American football, the cartoonist Charles Schultz in his comic strip
"Peanuts" had a recurring theme where a character named Lucy would pretend
to hold the football while another character named Charlie Brown would run
to kick it.  Each time, Lucy would pull away the football at the last
second and Charlie Brown would land with a thump on his back.  Each time
Lucy offered to let Charlie Brown kick the football, she would have some
convincing explanation why _this_ time would be different and how _this_
time Charlie Brown would actually get to kick the football.  And every
time, when Charlie Brown had talked himself into participating against his
better judgement, Lucy would pull away the football.

I am glad to see the ALAC is heir to a great football tradition, even if it
is not American football.

Harold Feld

At 05:47 PM 1/4/2005, Erick Iriarte Ahon wrote:
>In addition, the ALAC is co-sponsoring a soccer
>tournament during the Mar del Plata ICANN meetings and is seeking
>players and sponsors (more information is included below; send soccer
>inquiries to Erick Iriarte <faia at>). To meet-up with an
>ALAC member at the events, send an email to <committee at>. See
><> for more events and information.
>ICANN meeting participants will have a physical, as well as
>intellectual, reason to attend the regional meeting in Mar del Plata in
>April 2005. The ALAC is jointly hosting a Soccer Tournament, which
>encourages fun, informal interaction for all ICANN constituencies and
>stakeholders. The ALAC invites all interested groups to form teams and
>join the Soccer Tournament, which will be held during the ICANN
>meetings, 4-8 April. The teams will include 6 members and 4 substitutes,
>and can be formed by any entity or group of individuals involved in
>ICANN. To register, or if you are interested in being a Tournament
>sponsor, please send an email to: Erick Iriarte <faia at>.

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