Soccer Tournament in Mar del Plata

Erick Iriarte Ahon faia at AMAUTA.RCP.NET.PE
Tue Jan 4 23:47:44 CET 2005

In addition, the ALAC is co-sponsoring a soccer
tournament during the Mar del Plata ICANN meetings and is seeking
players and sponsors (more information is included below; send soccer
inquiries to Erick Iriarte <faia at>). To meet-up with an
ALAC member at the events, send an email to <committee at>. See
<> for more events and information.


ICANN meeting participants will have a physical, as well as
intellectual, reason to attend the regional meeting in Mar del Plata in
April 2005. The ALAC is jointly hosting a Soccer Tournament, which
encourages fun, informal interaction for all ICANN constituencies and
stakeholders. The ALAC invites all interested groups to form teams and
join the Soccer Tournament, which will be held during the ICANN
meetings, 4-8 April. The teams will include 6 members and 4 substitutes,
and can be formed by any entity or group of individuals involved in
ICANN. To register, or if you are interested in being a Tournament
sponsor, please send an email to: Erick Iriarte <faia at>.

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