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> Kent Crispin wrote:
> >>According to this, Kent Crispin is staff for Tribalwise, a for profit
> >>venture, and Dave Crocker is Chair of Tribalwise.   Do the other ICANN
> >>staffers have more than one job?
> > Sure.  For example, Andrew McLaughlin works for the Berkman center, and
> > recently announced that he was reducing his ICANN committment to half
> > time.  And of course, most of the board members have real jobs.

Berkman Center is a NPO as I recall and as such it is somewhat different
than someone like Vint  Cerf being  an officer of Worldcom
(http://www.icann.org/biog/cerf.htm), and whether WCOM is now swiriling
around the bowl or not is irrellevent. My take is that if there is *any*
WCOM money involved in Vint's operating ICANN then there is a real problem
as it clearly is a conflict of interest since so much of WCom's and its
divisions business is based on its IP transit and peering agreements... i.e.
its part of the global ICANN controlled Internet.

>     Yes, there is a tradition of people taking academic positions part
> and Of course Andrew is going part time at ICANN too.  And since we don't
> pay ICANN board members *yet*, I would expect them to have real jobs.

This is and has been one of the shortcomings of the ICANN process. Its
directors are not compensated in any form and as such it is much more
difficult to hold them accountable for what ICANN Does.

>    But mostly I was taken by your long time partnership with Dave Crocker,
> which is one of the better known net friendships/partnerships.   Of
> it is surprising to find ICANN staff moonlighting for consultants to ICANN
> regulated companies, as a general matter.
>    Jamie
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