[ncdnhc-discuss] WHOIS and registered DNS servers: DNS nameserverswith domain names under ccTLDs

Marc Schneiders marc at fuchsia.bijt.net
Wed Nov 28 19:59:35 CET 2001


You are trying to make us look away from the real problems. Which are that
some people have not paid attention. I may sound harsh, but what can you
expect if an elected representataive is trying to get away with making a
mess and starts making silly excuses, and artificially raises the matter
to a higher level: the use of ccTLD nameservers? And also attempts to talk
about this 'in private'. I think this is a very public matter. Again, if
we cannot do DNS, what are we talking about task forces, reports, you name


1. Domain was not paid for. I did so. I did not become any contact
through that. How would I? Then anyone could hijack a domain by paying for
it at NetSol. I cannot do a thing. And you should know that. Now do not
make me angry by suggesting (even in a far off way) that anything is my
fault. Or do you want me to try to hijack it?

2. The only people who can do changes are the contacts. They are:
-icann at icann.org (anonymous mailbox, that dies answer, I tested it)
-randy at psg.com (posts on several lists so is a live)

3. The AdCom could and should have solved this problem long ago. Hey, you
all spend some time in MdR this month. Could you not have talked to
icann at icann.org?

4. It is silly to suggest we now use another domain. All links on the web
point to the old one. You really disappoint me. Why not admit that some
AdCom member handled this incompetently?

Do not kill the messenger, please. Address the problem. In my country a
Minister gets sacked over such a thing. I guess not in ICANN.

On Wed, 28 Nov 2001, at 09:17 [=GMT-0500], Milton Mueller wrote:

> Marc:
> Your message is a bit harsh.
> The fundamental problem is that you can't
> administer something if you don't have any
> legal or administrative control of it.
> Randy Bush registered the domain in the
> name of ICANN and controlled the nameservers
> himself. If you know of a way that someone
> who is not an administrative, technical or
> billing contact can instantly assert control
> over the nameservers of a domain please
> let me know how to do it. Or better yet,
> do it yourself, since you are now
> apparently the billing contact.
> I have an alternate idea:
> Utilize icann-ncc.org, which IS under our control.

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