[ncdnhc-discuss] WHOIS and registered DNS servers: DNS nameservers with domain names under ccTLDs unable to resolve domain names undergTLDs

Marc Schneiders marc at fuchsia.bijt.net
Wed Nov 28 06:15:27 CET 2001

On Tue, 27 Nov 2001, at 21:59 [=GMT-0500], Nilda Vany Martinez Grajales wrote:

> I told you already

You didn't, but thanks for telling me now.

> that we, the AdCom notified to Randy about changes
> and then, naturally Randy proceed to delete us from his DNS server.

You do not understand the tiniest bit of what dns is about. Please, resign
from the AdCom together with all other members responsible for this mess.
One first sets up _new_ dns and then deletes the _old_ one. Even if the
problem is as you state, you and the AdCom should have know this and taken
care of a smooth transition of the dns.

If a constituency of the DNSo cannot handle its own DNS, who is going to
take the whole thing serious?

> We
> though that NSI would update information veyr fast, but still doesn't
> answer regarding the update ICANN staff made.

Yes, ICANN staff. Maybe they didn't do the update? Have you phoned them?
Let me guess: the same reason they forgot to pay for the domain and I had
to do that from my own (not of business class on other people's 'tax'
depth) pocket?

> Forget for one minute about NCDNHC.ORG.  I am talking about a general
> problem.

I do not think it is useful to discuss general problems about dns with
you, if you cannot manage the dns of our own domain. How long is it now? 6
weeks? Don't make up more excuses. Whoever is responsible for the mess
about ncdnhc.org, should resign immediately from AdCom and NC. It is a

I just checked my credit card statement. I paid for ncdnhc.org on
September 10. The next day it worked again. Then you blew it. Are you on
the NC, really?

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