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Barbara Simons barbara.simons at mindspring.com
Thu Nov 29 20:40:56 CET 2001

Dear Dave,

I accept that you were talking about the issue of Kent's being
allowed to vote in two constituencies, rather than the proposal
to reduce the number of postings per person per day.  It would
have helped if you had stated your concern clearly initially.
As I said earlier, I suspect that limiting the number of postings
will cause each of us to be more precise in our writings and,
we can hope, avoid such ambiguity in the future.

I share your concern, stated below, about personal abuse on this list.
I have saved quite a few of your emails, and I would be happy
to post a collection of your comments that I consider to be
abusive, both to me and to others.  I would suggest that this
is an especially weak point for you, of all people, to be making.

This is my second and therefore last posting for today.


Dave Crocker wrote:

> At 09:25 AM 11/29/2001 -0800, Barbara Simons wrote:
> >At the end of his note below Dave Crocker complains that
> >the proposal to limit the number of daily postings amounts to
> >an "illegal disenfranchisement".
> No, that is not what he complains at all.  The context was about getting
> "back" to important topic, remember?
> Hence, the reference to illegal disenfranchisement was about the effort to
> remove Kent's voting rights.
> >   Being driven off the
> >list because of a lack of time or resources to deal with
> >mega-posters such as Mr. Crocker is a form of disenfranchisement.
> However being driven off the list because of constant personal abuse is not?
> >The lists that I really pay attention to are those on which people
> >are sensitive to the needs of others and refrain from making an
> >excessive number of postings.
> However constant personal abuse does NOT demonstrate a problem with
> "sensitivity"?  What a truly unique approach to interpersonal style you have.
> In any event, Barbara, any serious concern about sensitivity has to include
> carefully reading what is written, rather than imparting one's own
> interpretation and taking flight with it.
> d/
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