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Milton Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Wed Nov 14 15:44:05 CET 2001

NCDNH Constituency Meeting, November 12 2001

Thierry Amoussougbo brought the meeting to order at 8:35. The meeting observed a moment of silence in respect of the people who died in the Sept 11 incident.

Thierry introduces Adcom members and thanks Salzberg Seminar for their assistance in supporting international participation in ICANN.

Agenda approval. Agenda modified to discuss sending YJ as delegate to ccTLD meeting.

Minutes approved.

By a vote of 23 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstentions constituency agrees to send YJ Park to the ccTLD meeting as a representative of the constituency. Park is authorized to represent our positions at the ccTLD meetings as expressed in NCDHNC resolutions. Vany notes that we have not endorsed a ccSO. 

Dot Org Task Force report * Mueller. Explains that Names Council Task Force has adopted a policy statement that was put Up for public comment. Only minor revisions called for. Questions about the meaning of a sponsored, unrestricted domain. Substantive issues will be debated 

UDRP Review * Mueller. Concerns expressed about ability of people to understand and respond to the questionnaire, also about lack of sufficient publicity for it. 

NC Structure Task Force * Mueller. Adcom deadlocked because one member won't agree not to be the representative. Agreement that members should provide a list of nominees to this TF and that disagreeing NC members should accept majority rule of Adcom.

Budget Committee report * Martinez. NCDNHC needs to pay its dues to DNSO, or will be eliminated next year. Should ask for forgiveness of old (2000) debt. Intellectual property of voting software: Touton supports Vany's position that AFNIC should not retain rights. Questions about the ransparency and conflict of interest in the search process. Several members of search committee associated with applicants for the Secretariat. Winning organization proposed to subcontract AFNIC.

WHOIS report (Park): Recounts history of WHOIS task force, how it started as a closed ICANN initiative and became a DNSO TF. Survey data is now available, indicates 80% support universal WHOIS. IDN Task force: Park criticizes resolution proposed by Porteneuve for regulating ccTLDs, which have no contract with ICANN yet. 

New TLD Evaluation Task Force. Controversial question. Were some applications rejected because of socio or geopolitical affiliations? Half of committee supported it, but not enough to keep it on. Final report expected in Ghana Board meeting (March 2002). Final evaluation will be done by someone else, but we don't who it is.  

Volunteers to work on Charter Revision:
Milton Mueller
Eung Hwi Chun 
Nortbert Klein
Kent Crispin
Thierry Amoussougbo
Valeria Gordon
David Crocker

Security Resolution
Alejandro: Explains rationale of resolution. Emphasis on small noncommercial organizations. Noncommercial orgs wish to be protected from major disruptions, and they have something special to offer. Asks for specific instances to look carefully at the security issues at hand. 

Ilia asks what kind of threat we are dealing with. Alej: registrar-registry escrow, need to look at things from a general point of view. Crispin: if a registrar was taken out, an organization might lose a domain name. Feld: passing the resolution as is may send a message that we generally approve of how the meeting agenda has been altered. Proposes orally how to amend it. D. Crocker proposes an amendment he submitted to the list. Alejandro indicates that he supports all but one of them.  

Crocker reads text of his proposed amendments proposed 3 November. Accepted as friendly by Alejandro. 

Extend debate to add Harold's amendment: 
Add following paragraphs: 
1. The debate on security may have unintened consequences for civil liberties
2. The debate on security should be sensitive to these concerns
3. Decisions on security should, to the greatest extent possible, be confined to technical rather than policy concerns
4. Most importantly, security should not become grounds to curtail public participation or public representation in ICANN.

Alejandro does not accept as a friendly amendment.
Feld amendment passes 23 in favor, 5 against, 2 abstentions.

Final vote on security resolution: 25 in favor, 1 against, 2 abstentions.

Dot ORG Resolution
Mueller speaks in favor
Vany's substitute resolution voted down 18 against, 1 in favor, 8 abstentions.
Chris Chiu proposes an amendment: "NCDNHC urges ICANN to create additional TLDs devoted to civil liberties, NGOs, and cultural entities, among others as soon as possible. And to ensure that redelegation of dot org does not detract from this process." 
Amendment passes 23 in favor, 0 against, 1 abstention. 

Vany proposes several amendments. Objections
raised by Mueller as to whether they duplicate
language already in the resolution.

Final vote on resolution: 25 in favor, 0 against, 1 abstentions.

GAC resolution. 
Mueller explains
26 in favor, 0 opposed, 2 abstentions.

Salzburg Seminar meeting 5 pm tomorrow. Mandatory for Salzburg recipients. Focus group on evaluation of

Announcements of meetings outside the ICANN security agenda going on Tuesday: dotORG 8 am * 10 am, Surveillance and Privacy 10 * 12, Dialogue with At Large Directors, 12:30 * 1:30; Internet privatization and the Newco commitments, 1:30 * 3:00, Roundtable on the At Large membership, 3 * 5 pm.

YJ Park disusses ccTLD meeting and the proposal for a ccSO. 

Meeting with Stuart Lynn
President is least important part of ICANN. 
Adam Peake asks about translation of documents.
Lynn: Not seeing as much from the DNSO as it would like. Policy vacuum filled by top-down management.

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