[ncdnhc-discuss] Re: Update: ICANN backs down on leaflet restrictions

DannyYounger at cs.com DannyYounger at cs.com
Sun Nov 11 06:33:05 CET 2001

Andrew McLaughlin writes:

"Question:  Why didn't anyone from the ACLU bother to contact ICANN to see 
what the rules were?"

One of the problems is that you keep changing the rules.  New.net asked to 
become a sponsor of the  General Assembly session.  The General Assembly 
welcomed their interest in sponsorship.  But all of a sudden, ICANN staff 
changes the posted rules in midstream and declares them unfit to be a sponsor 
(even though they have sponsored prior events).  

Although none of us were astonished by this episode (we seem to be getting 
used to staff actions that arbitrarily injure particular categories of 
entities), we had hoped to see a higher degree of professionalism from ICANN 

-- Danny Younger

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