[Membership-affairs] [NCUC-DISCUSS] Update On Community Outreach Resources (CROPP) For FY16- Traditions and Changes

Stephanie Perrin stephanie.perrin at mail.utoronto.ca
Tue May 26 17:12:02 CEST 2015

I would be happy to help, and I vote for Friday because we are more 
likely to get data commissioners and their staff their on a Friday. I 
had proposed to the IWGDPT that Dublin would be a good time for some of 
them to show up....the next meeting of the Berlin group is in Berlin on 
the 13th, so there may be folks who could make it on Friday, fresh from 
the meeting.
Kind regards Steph
On 15-05-26 9:52 AM, William Drake wrote:
> Hi Maria
>> On May 26, 2015, at 3:27 PM, Maria Farrell <maria.farrell at GMAIL.COM 
>> <mailto:maria.farrell at GMAIL.COM>> wrote:
>> Hi Bill,
>> It may be worthwhile to do a 'Friday before the meeting blow-out' in 
>> Dublin, because:
>> a) I and I think a couple of other people (James....?) would be 
>> willing to do the bulk of the organising, and
> People willing to take the lead is always a strong point to a proposed 
> meeting :-)
> I'd love to see something happen in Dublin. Only question is what. 
>  The basic choice again is a) a two hour outreach to civil society 
> event on Saturday, funded through other staff budget, like we're doing 
> in BA; or b) a full day Friday conference with panels and lots of 
> non-CS people etc, which we'd have to apply for and which would 
> preclude using the CROPP money for travel.  Personally I'm totally 
> open to whatever people can all get behind.
> Our Constituency Day meeting in BA is four weeks from today, 16 June. 
>  Maybe we can try to squeeze in a little discussion there (schedule's 
> dense, alas) and then contemplate this further online afterwards...?
> Best
> Bill
>> b) Dublin is EU HQ for a good number of tech firms, e.g. Twitter just 
>> came under the Irish data protection office's auspices last week, so 
>> there is both interest and need to get local civil society involved 
>> and informed.
>> All the best, Maria
>> On 26 May 2015 at 08:47, William Drake <william.drake at uzh.ch 
>> <mailto:william.drake at uzh.ch>> wrote:
>>     Hello
>>     CROPP is the program mentioned here and at Constituency Days a
>>     number of times over the past couple years that provides funds
>>     for up to 5 people from NCUC and other groupings to send people
>>     to non-ICANN meetings in their regions to do outreach.  In FY15
>>     we submitted 5 applications, 4 approved and one pending.
>>     https://community.icann.org/display/croppfy15/NCUC+Drafts As you
>>     can see from the below, even with this growth (in FY14 we
>>     submitted 0 proposals), At Large still makes much more abundant
>>     use of these than GNSO constituencies.  Going forward it would
>>     seem worth taking advantage of the opportunity if there are good
>>     meetings that could be high yield in terms of outreach and
>>     recruitment.
>>     Staff also offer an alternative use of funds as of FY16, to
>>     organize a one-time community Outreach/Engagement Event instead
>>     of doing conference travel.  This could be considered if we
>>     wanted to propose a big full day event like the policy
>>     conferences we organized in Singapore, Toronto and San Francisco
>>     http://www.ncuc.org/events/conferences-and-workshops/. These take
>>     a good deal of work to pull together and tend to draw ICANN
>>     insiders from other parts of the community more than non-involved
>>     civil society types for recruitment, but if there is some feeling
>>     that we'd like to do a Friday-before-the-meeting blowout in
>>     Dublin, Marrakech or wherever the June 2016 meeting will be, we
>>     could consider the feasibility.  If instead we are content to
>>     continue on the path we're on now, with two-hour outreach events
>>     geared toward civil society scheduled on meeting Saturdays and
>>     supported through a different staff budget (as per the London and
>>     upcoming Buenos Aires meeting), then we could use the CROPP for
>>     conference travel per usual.
>>     A more immediate action item: Staff have established a new
>>     requirement for FY16---in order to remain eligible, we must
>>     submit an Outreach Strategic Plan by 30 September 2015. Staff is
>>     developing a template for these.  I would think that the
>>     Membership Affair Team would be the appropriate vehicle for this
>>     effort, and hope members gathered there will take the bull by the
>>     horns when the template is ready.
>>     Best
>>     Bill
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