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Thanks Bill for this, I am more than happy to contribute with ideas and
thoughts to fill the template and believe we could indeed benefit from the
MAT members' contributions as well.




Walid Al-Saqaf
Postdoc, Department of Media Studies
Stockholm University - Sweden

On Tue, May 26, 2015 at 9:47 AM, William Drake <william.drake at uzh.ch> wrote:

>  Hello
>  CROPP is the program mentioned here and at Constituency Days a number of
> times over the past couple years that provides funds for up to 5 people
> from NCUC and other groupings to send people to non-ICANN meetings in their
> regions to do outreach.  In FY15 we submitted 5 applications, 4 approved
> and one pending. https://community.icann.org/display/croppfy15/NCUC+Drafts As
> you can see from the below, even with this growth (in FY14 we submitted 0
> proposals), At Large still makes much more abundant use of these than GNSO
> constituencies.  Going forward it would seem worth taking advantage of the
> opportunity if there are good meetings that could be high yield in terms of
> outreach and recruitment.
>  Staff also offer an alternative use of funds as of FY16, to organize a
> one-time community Outreach/Engagement Event instead of doing conference
> travel.  This could be considered if we wanted to propose a big full day
> event like the policy conferences we organized in Singapore, Toronto and
> San Francisco http://www.ncuc.org/events/conferences-and-workshops/.
> These take a good deal of work to pull together and tend to draw ICANN
> insiders from other parts of the community more than non-involved civil
> society types for recruitment, but if there is some feeling that we’d like
> to do a Friday-before-the-meeting blowout in Dublin, Marrakech or wherever
> the June 2016 meeting will be, we could consider the feasibility.  If
> instead we are content to continue on the path we’re on now, with two-hour
> outreach events geared toward civil society scheduled on meeting Saturdays
> and supported through a different staff budget (as per the London and
> upcoming Buenos Aires meeting), then we could use the CROPP for conference
> travel per usual.
>  A more immediate action item: Staff have established a new requirement
> for FY16—in order to remain eligible, we must submit an Outreach Strategic
> Plan by 30 September 2015.  Staff is developing a template for these.  I
> would think that the Membership Affair Team would be the appropriate
> vehicle for this effort, and hope members gathered there will take the bull
> by the horns when the template is ready.
>  Best
>  Bill
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>   Dear At-Large RALO and GNSO Constituency Leaders:
>  We are pleased to report that the *Community Regional Outreach Pilot
> Program* (CROPP) has been approved and funded for its third successive
> fiscal year (1 July 2015 – 30 June 2016).  This note provides a brief
> overview of the FY15 program, announces some important new program aspects
> for the FY16 CROPP that you’ll need to focus on, and offers further
> opportunities for dialogue and information sharing before during and after
> the ICANN Public Meeting in Buenos Aires.
>  *A.  CROPP FY15 Recap*
>  The pilot program for FY15 formally closed to new trip proposals as of
> 19 May 2015. The use of the program increased substantially in FY15 during
> its second (and first full) year. The unofficial results for this past
> fiscal cycle are shown in the table below:
>    *ICANN Structure*
>   *Events*
>   *Travelers*
>   *Traveler*
>  *Allocation*
>   *Pct of Total Allocation Used*
>    At-Large
>   16
>   24
>   25
>   96%
>    GNSO
>   12
>   13
>   25
>   52%
>    *Totals…*
>   *28*
>   *37*
>   *50*
>   *74%*
>  The CROPP Wiki space for FY15 will remain open and accessible until all
> Trip Assessments have been approved after which time it will be archived.
>  *B.  CROPP Overview for FY16*
>  There will be several significant changes in the FY16 program that you
> need to be aware of as they may impact the availability of travel
> opportunities.
>  *- Important New Feature #1 -- Need For a Community Outreach Strategy*
>  ·      For FY16, eligibility for the CROPP program will depend on the
> ability of each participating ICANN structure (i.e., RALO, GNSO
> Constituency) to create a brief, but clear, *Outreach Strategic Plan* explaining
> its FY16 outreach goals and planned expectations so that any selected CROPP
> activities can be coordinated with the appropriate ICANN Regional
> Engagement teams.
>  ·      We are developing a new Wiki template to facilitate the
> development and publication of each community plan that will be made
> available before the ICANN Public Meeting Buenos Aires.
>  ·      Communities interested in participating in the FY16 program will
> have until 30 September 2015 to complete this strategy document.
>  ·      Please note that program features and deliverables (i.e.,
> proposed trips and outreach events) will not be able to be authorized and
> booked until the Outreach Strategic Plan has been approved by each
> community’s leadership, delivered to the appropriate Regional Engagement
> Vice-President and published on the CROPP FY16 Community wiki workspace.
>  -  *Important New Feature #2— Limited Pilot Option To Choose Travel Or
> An Outreach Event*
>  As was the case last year, CROPP provides a framework in which each of
> the At-Large RALOs and GNSO Constituencies will be allocated 5 regional
> (3-day) outreach trips. In recognition that an outreach plan can
> potentially involve more than travel by individuals, a modified pilot is
> being introduced on an experimental basis in FY16 for GNSO Constituencies.
> On a pilot basis, those five communities will have the option to select
> *either* (a) the five standard CROPP travel authorizations or (b) to
> host, co-host, or sponsor a targeted community Outreach/Engagement Event at
> one point during the fiscal year ($10,000 target support limit).
>  If this FY16 experiment is successful, we are hopeful that FY17
> resources can be made available so that similar flexibility can be
> introduced to more community groups in the future.
>  *[Note: Due to the extensive Staff support and logistical planning
> associated with events, this latter option will require advanced scheduling
> and reservations to ensure that (a) only one such event occurs at the same
> time, and (b) there are no overlaps with other scheduled events such as
> ICANN Public Meetings. The specific processes and guidelines concerning
> these new Outreach/Engagement Events are being developed and will be
> communicated to the impacted communities.]*
>  *C.  CROPP FY16 Program Features*
>  Other than improvements needed to accommodate the specific changes noted
> above, the FY16 program administration will be similar to last year.
>  *- Traditional Operational Components Remain In-Place*
>  For *all* RALOs and those GNSO Constituencies electing to participate in
> the individual travel component of CROPP, the following elements will
> continue as they have in past cycles:
>  1) Specific pre-trip approval standards flexibly administered by your
> community leadership and ICANN Stakeholder Engagement Vice-Presidents;
>  2) The need to submit travel proposals a full 6 weeks before a planned
> activity
>  3) Post-trip reviews and assessments submitted shortly after return from
> each trip; and
>  4) An overall spirit of transparency by which all interested ICANN
> community members can observe the implementation of the program.
>  *- Policies and Procedures*
>  ·      Support for certain fees (e.g., conference registration) will be
> continued and travelers will be reimbursed for any Visa fees (up to $200
> USD) consistent with the most current ICANN Travel Summary (see
> https://community.icann.org/display/trvlconstit/Travel+Guidelines).
>  ·      The exception decision-making protocol introduced last year will
> continue such that, if a proposal includes elements that are outside the
> program’s parameters, the designated Pilot Program Coordinator (PPC) will
> alert one of the Staff Program Administrators and request that the
> circumstances be reviewed. The Staff Program Administrators, Community
> Leaders, and the appropriate ICANN Stakeholder Engagement VP(s) will
> consider the situation and render advice on how to resolve the matter.
>  ·      An updated Outreach Pilot Processing Flow Diagram will be
> published with the opening of the CROPP Wiki space.
>  *- Community Workspaces*
>  ·      A new template is being created within each Community Workspace
> for the new Outreach Strategic Plan (details forthcoming).
>  ·      Multiple DRAFT templates for both Trip Proposals and Trip
> Assessments can be created by anyone in each eligible ICANN structure and
> vetted by community leadership within the Wiki environment.* (Note:
> Confluence Wiki login credentials are required).*
>  ·      Once a DRAFT Trip Proposal is approved by an organization's
> leadership, the PPC will notify a CROPP Program Administrator. The proposal
> will then be transferred to an Approved CROPP Forms location for continued
> processing and tracking.
>  *- Pilot Program Coordinator (PPC) Roles*
>  ·      As was true last year, PPCs will supervise form completion,
> ensure process integrity, and communicate with Staff on behalf of each
> eligible ICANN community.
>  *D.  Briefing Opportunities*
>  Since CROPP is being extended into FY16 with only a few changes, we are
> not planning to organize any formal community introductory sessions. If any
> of you would like us to conduct an overview of the program (including the
> Wiki implementation), we would be pleased to accommodate such requests as
> they are received to chat by telephone or in-pwrson at the upcoming ICANN
> Public Meeting in Buenos Aires.
>  For those GNSO Constituencies opting for the Outreach/Engagement Event
> in lieu of the five individual trips, there will be one-on-one Staff
> assistance provided given that this will be an experimental year with that
> concept implemented.
>  *E.  Please Confirm PPC Contacts*
>  In April of this year, we sent out an invitation to update the Pilot
> Program Coordinators (PPCs) and a few changes were recorded. The currently
> registered PPCs can be found on the CROPP Contacts
> <https://community.icann.org/x/Po3hAg> page. If any of these designations
> need to change for FY16, please let us know. Our working assumption is that
> the currently designated PPCs will continue in their roles unless otherwise
> amended.
>  ___________
>  Your continued feedback now and throughout the course of the pilot
> program will help us identify areas of improvement, flag issues we may not
> have anticipated, and demonstrate that this type of program can continue to
> meet its objectives.
>  A CROPP FY16 Community Wiki Space is being prepared and is expected to
> be ready for business on or before 1 June 2015. We will send out a separate
> announcement at that time containing the links to the Wiki space and
> specific instructions related to program changes identified in this
> announcement letter.
>  We look forward to partnering with you to deliver CROPP resources
> effectively to your communities in FY16, and welcome any questions you may
> have regarding the FY16 CROPP program changes. We hope that the FY16
> program operations will justify the move to a core budget classification in
> future budget years.
>  Best regards,
>  Rob Hoggarth and Janice Douma Lange
>  *********************************************************
> William J. Drake
> International Fellow & Lecturer
>   Media Change & Innovation Division, IPMZ
>   University of Zurich, Switzerland
> Chair, Noncommercial Users Constituency,
>   ICANN, www.ncuc.org
> william.drake at uzh.ch (direct), wjdrake at gmail.com (lists),
>   www.williamdrake.org
> *Internet Governance: The NETmundial Roadmap *http://goo.gl/sRR01q
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