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Hi Bill,

It may be worthwhile to do a 'Friday before the meeting blow-out' in
Dublin, because:

a) I and I think a couple of other people (James....?) would be willing to
do the bulk of the organising, and
b) Dublin is EU HQ for a good number of tech firms, e.g. Twitter just came
under the Irish data protection office's auspices last week, so there is
both interest and need to get local civil society involved and informed.

All the best, Maria

On 26 May 2015 at 08:47, William Drake <william.drake at uzh.ch> wrote:

> Hello
> CROPP is the program mentioned here and at Constituency Days a number of
> times over the past couple years that provides funds for up to 5 people
> from NCUC and other groupings to send people to non-ICANN meetings in their
> regions to do outreach.  In FY15 we submitted 5 applications, 4 approved
> and one pending. https://community.icann.org/display/croppfy15/NCUC+Drafts As
> you can see from the below, even with this growth (in FY14 we submitted 0
> proposals), At Large still makes much more abundant use of these than GNSO
> constituencies.  Going forward it would seem worth taking advantage of the
> opportunity if there are good meetings that could be high yield in terms of
> outreach and recruitment.
> Staff also offer an alternative use of funds as of FY16, to organize a
> one-time community Outreach/Engagement Event instead of doing conference
> travel.  This could be considered if we wanted to propose a big full day
> event like the policy conferences we organized in Singapore, Toronto and
> San Francisco http://www.ncuc.org/events/conferences-and-workshops/.
> These take a good deal of work to pull together and tend to draw ICANN
> insiders from other parts of the community more than non-involved civil
> society types for recruitment, but if there is some feeling that we’d like
> to do a Friday-before-the-meeting blowout in Dublin, Marrakech or wherever
> the June 2016 meeting will be, we could consider the feasibility.  If
> instead we are content to continue on the path we’re on now, with two-hour
> outreach events geared toward civil society scheduled on meeting Saturdays
> and supported through a different staff budget (as per the London and
> upcoming Buenos Aires meeting), then we could use the CROPP for conference
> travel per usual.
> A more immediate action item: Staff have established a new requirement for
> FY16—in order to remain eligible, we must submit an Outreach Strategic Plan
> by 30 September 2015.  Staff is developing a template for these.  I would
> think that the Membership Affair Team would be the appropriate vehicle for
> this effort, and hope members gathered there will take the bull by the
> horns when the template is ready.
> Best
> Bill
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> Dear At-Large RALO and GNSO Constituency Leaders:
> We are pleased to report that the *Community Regional Outreach Pilot
> Program* (CROPP) has been approved and funded for its third successive
> fiscal year (1 July 2015 – 30 June 2016).  This note provides a brief
> overview of the FY15 program, announces some important new program aspects
> for the FY16 CROPP that you’ll need to focus on, and offers further
> opportunities for dialogue and information sharing before during and after
> the ICANN Public Meeting in Buenos Aires.
> *A.  CROPP FY15 Recap*
> The pilot program for FY15 formally closed to new trip proposals as of 19
> May 2015. The use of the program increased substantially in FY15 during its
> second (and first full) year. The unofficial results for this past fiscal
> cycle are shown in the table below:
> *ICANN Structure*
> *Events*
> *Travelers*
> *Traveler*
> *Allocation*
> *Pct of Total Allocation Used*
> At-Large
> 16
> 24
> 25
> 96%
> 12
> 13
> 25
> 52%
> *Totals…*
> *28*
> *37*
> *50*
> *74%*
> The CROPP Wiki space for FY15 will remain open and accessible until all
> Trip Assessments have been approved after which time it will be archived.
> *B.  CROPP Overview for FY16*
> There will be several significant changes in the FY16 program that you
> need to be aware of as they may impact the availability of travel
> opportunities.
> *- Important New Feature #1 -- Need For a Community Outreach Strategy*
> ·      For FY16, eligibility for the CROPP program will depend on the
> ability of each participating ICANN structure (i.e., RALO, GNSO
> Constituency) to create a brief, but clear, *Outreach Strategic Plan* explaining
> its FY16 outreach goals and planned expectations so that any selected CROPP
> activities can be coordinated with the appropriate ICANN Regional
> Engagement teams.
> ·      We are developing a new Wiki template to facilitate the
> development and publication of each community plan that will be made
> available before the ICANN Public Meeting Buenos Aires.
> ·      Communities interested in participating in the FY16 program will
> have until 30 September 2015 to complete this strategy document.
> ·      Please note that program features and deliverables (i.e., proposed
> trips and outreach events) will not be able to be authorized and booked
> until the Outreach Strategic Plan has been approved by each community’s
> leadership, delivered to the appropriate Regional Engagement Vice-President
> and published on the CROPP FY16 Community wiki workspace.
> -  *Important New Feature #2— Limited Pilot Option To Choose Travel Or An
> Outreach Event*
> As was the case last year, CROPP provides a framework in which each of the
> At-Large RALOs and GNSO Constituencies will be allocated 5 regional (3-day)
> outreach trips. In recognition that an outreach plan can potentially
> involve more than travel by individuals, a modified pilot is being
> introduced on an experimental basis in FY16 for GNSO Constituencies.  On a
> pilot basis, those five communities will have the option to select
> *either* (a) the five standard CROPP travel authorizations or (b) to
> host, co-host, or sponsor a targeted community Outreach/Engagement Event at
> one point during the fiscal year ($10,000 target support limit).
> If this FY16 experiment is successful, we are hopeful that FY17 resources
> can be made available so that similar flexibility can be introduced to more
> community groups in the future.
> *[Note: Due to the extensive Staff support and logistical planning
> associated with events, this latter option will require advanced scheduling
> and reservations to ensure that (a) only one such event occurs at the same
> time, and (b) there are no overlaps with other scheduled events such as
> ICANN Public Meetings. The specific processes and guidelines concerning
> these new Outreach/Engagement Events are being developed and will be
> communicated to the impacted communities.]*
> *C.  CROPP FY16 Program Features*
> Other than improvements needed to accommodate the specific changes noted
> above, the FY16 program administration will be similar to last year.
> *- Traditional Operational Components Remain In-Place*
> For *all* RALOs and those GNSO Constituencies electing to participate in
> the individual travel component of CROPP, the following elements will
> continue as they have in past cycles:
> 1) Specific pre-trip approval standards flexibly administered by your
> community leadership and ICANN Stakeholder Engagement Vice-Presidents;
> 2) The need to submit travel proposals a full 6 weeks before a planned
> activity
> 3) Post-trip reviews and assessments submitted shortly after return from
> each trip; and
> 4) An overall spirit of transparency by which all interested ICANN
> community members can observe the implementation of the program.
> *- Policies and Procedures*
> ·      Support for certain fees (e.g., conference registration) will be
> continued and travelers will be reimbursed for any Visa fees (up to $200
> USD) consistent with the most current ICANN Travel Summary (see
> https://community.icann.org/display/trvlconstit/Travel+Guidelines).
> ·      The exception decision-making protocol introduced last year will
> continue such that, if a proposal includes elements that are outside the
> program’s parameters, the designated Pilot Program Coordinator (PPC) will
> alert one of the Staff Program Administrators and request that the
> circumstances be reviewed. The Staff Program Administrators, Community
> Leaders, and the appropriate ICANN Stakeholder Engagement VP(s) will
> consider the situation and render advice on how to resolve the matter.
> ·      An updated Outreach Pilot Processing Flow Diagram will be
> published with the opening of the CROPP Wiki space.
> *- Community Workspaces*
> ·      A new template is being created within each Community Workspace
> for the new Outreach Strategic Plan (details forthcoming).
> ·      Multiple DRAFT templates for both Trip Proposals and Trip
> Assessments can be created by anyone in each eligible ICANN structure and
> vetted by community leadership within the Wiki environment.* (Note:
> Confluence Wiki login credentials are required).*
> ·      Once a DRAFT Trip Proposal is approved by an organization's
> leadership, the PPC will notify a CROPP Program Administrator. The proposal
> will then be transferred to an Approved CROPP Forms location for continued
> processing and tracking.
> *- Pilot Program Coordinator (PPC) Roles*
> ·      As was true last year, PPCs will supervise form completion, ensure
> process integrity, and communicate with Staff on behalf of each eligible
> ICANN community.
> *D.  Briefing Opportunities*
> Since CROPP is being extended into FY16 with only a few changes, we are
> not planning to organize any formal community introductory sessions. If any
> of you would like us to conduct an overview of the program (including the
> Wiki implementation), we would be pleased to accommodate such requests as
> they are received to chat by telephone or in-pwrson at the upcoming ICANN
> Public Meeting in Buenos Aires.
> For those GNSO Constituencies opting for the Outreach/Engagement Event in
> lieu of the five individual trips, there will be one-on-one Staff
> assistance provided given that this will be an experimental year with that
> concept implemented.
> *E.  Please Confirm PPC Contacts*
> In April of this year, we sent out an invitation to update the Pilot
> Program Coordinators (PPCs) and a few changes were recorded. The currently
> registered PPCs can be found on the CROPP Contacts
> <https://community.icann.org/x/Po3hAg> page. If any of these designations
> need to change for FY16, please let us know. Our working assumption is that
> the currently designated PPCs will continue in their roles unless otherwise
> amended.
> ___________
> Your continued feedback now and throughout the course of the pilot program
> will help us identify areas of improvement, flag issues we may not have
> anticipated, and demonstrate that this type of program can continue to meet
> its objectives.
> A CROPP FY16 Community Wiki Space is being prepared and is expected to be
> ready for business on or before 1 June 2015. We will send out a separate
> announcement at that time containing the links to the Wiki space and
> specific instructions related to program changes identified in this
> announcement letter.
> We look forward to partnering with you to deliver CROPP resources
> effectively to your communities in FY16, and welcome any questions you may
> have regarding the FY16 CROPP program changes. We hope that the FY16
> program operations will justify the move to a core budget classification in
> future budget years.
> Best regards,
> Rob Hoggarth and Janice Douma Lange
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