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Thanks a lot David. I will ask Maryam to follow up on these issues.


On Thu, May 25, 2017 at 10:26 PM, David Cake <davecake at gmail.com> wrote:

> Farzi asked me to compare the old and new NCUC web sites to see what had
> not been moved from the old site to the new. I also noted a few things that
> I just thought would be worth double checking even if they weren’t on the
> old site either.
> David
> —————
> NCUC web update review
> Home page - tweets not showing
> Working party on Procedural rules only shows records from 2017, old site
> has records of bylaws team up until 2015. Should have both.
> Working teams - old site has links to mailing list signup, new site does
> not. Minor interface tweak, as that info is available elsewhere on the site.
> Exec Committee - old site has minutes from 2013-2016, new site only from
> 2016-2017
> New site seems better, lists transcripts but includes transcripts and
> minutes. Hard to tell if they are the same - these 404 on old site.
> Mailing lists - all seems good, but just wanted to check - previously this
> was obviously the mailman generated list page, is that still the case - in
> particular, is this page auto-generated still or does it require updates?
> The Previous EC page is not longer there. Useful history, IMO.
> Brochures - while the new site is great with the up to date brochures,
> there are many languages that have the previous versions of the brochure
> available.
> Presumably, a slightly out of date brochure is better than none at all.
> The old versions of the brochure should be added for languages that do not
> have an up to date version.
> Public statemwentw - the new site only covers statements in 2017. Should
> have the full historical list from old site.
> New and Media - confusingly, this section has two hidden and empty
> sub-categories - if you click directly on News and Media, you can see
> 'press releases; and 'announcements' pages, both of which are basically
> empty. These should be removed.
> Human Rights activity section was removed (only covered 2015). Engagement
> (link to fellows and NG programs) removed. These seem reasonable choices as
> the info is available elsewhere.
> Things that are missing from both sites
> - NCPH Intersessional apart from 2014
> - IGF after 2014
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