[NCUC E-team] web site review

David Cake davecake at gmail.com
Fri May 26 04:26:15 CEST 2017

Farzi asked me to compare the old and new NCUC web sites to see what had not been moved from the old site to the new. I also noted a few things that I just thought would be worth double checking even if they weren’t on the old site either. 



NCUC web update review

Home page - tweets not showing

Working party on Procedural rules only shows records from 2017, old site has records of bylaws team up until 2015. Should have both. 

Working teams - old site has links to mailing list signup, new site does not. Minor interface tweak, as that info is available elsewhere on the site. 

Exec Committee - old site has minutes from 2013-2016, new site only from 2016-2017
New site seems better, lists transcripts but includes transcripts and minutes. Hard to tell if they are the same - these 404 on old site. 

Mailing lists - all seems good, but just wanted to check - previously this was obviously the mailman generated list page, is that still the case - in particular, is this page auto-generated still or does it require updates?

The Previous EC page is not longer there. Useful history, IMO. 

Brochures - while the new site is great with the up to date brochures, there are many languages that have the previous versions of the brochure available. 
Presumably, a slightly out of date brochure is better than none at all. The old versions of the brochure should be added for languages that do not have an up to date version. 

Public statemwentw - the new site only covers statements in 2017. Should have the full historical list from old site. 

New and Media - confusingly, this section has two hidden and empty sub-categories - if you click directly on News and Media, you can see 'press releases; and 'announcements' pages, both of which are basically empty. These should be removed. 

Human Rights activity section was removed (only covered 2015). Engagement (link to fellows and NG programs) removed. These seem reasonable choices as the info is available elsewhere. 

Things that are missing from both sites
- NCPH Intersessional apart from 2014
- IGF after 2014

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