[NCUC-EC] EC meeting 1/2013 (Durban) minutes

Tapani Tarvainen ncuc at tapani.tarvainen.info
Tue Jul 30 14:39:33 CEST 2013


NCUC Executive Committee Meeting 1/2013

Location: Durban International Convention Centre, room 4C

Time: Sunday, July 14 2013 at 15:00-16:00 SAST (13:00-14:00 UTC)

  Executive Committee members:
    William Drake (EC Chair)
    Wilson Abigaba EC (African representative)
    Tapani Tarvainen (EC European representative)
    Edward Morris (EC North American representative), remotely
    Rafik Dammak (NCUC delegate to NCSG EC, ex-officio)
    Milton Mueller (secretary-treasurer, NCUC delegate to NCSG EC, ex-officio), remotely
  Other NCUC members:
    Nuno Garcia
    Timothy McGinnis
    Konstantinos Komaitis
    Wolfgang Kleinw├Ąchter
    David Cake
    Robin Gross, remotely

1. Introductions, amendments to the agenda

The Chair opened the meeting at 15:10.
Participants were introduced and the agenda was approved.

2. Constituency Day preparations, new website update

Constituency Day preparations were discussed. It was agreed that the new website
would be presented there by WIlson Abigaba and Tapani Tarvainen.

3. Processing of membership applications

3a. It was agreed that NCUC delegates to the NCSG EC (Milton Mueller
and Rafik Dammak) will notify the NCUC chair and EC without delay
whenever the NCSG EC approves new members who've indicated their
desire to join NCUC, and once admitted to the NCUC, member database
maintainers (WIlson Abigaba and Tapani Tarvainen) will add them to the
database and mailing list.

3b. The application of Klaus Stoll to join NCUC as an individual
member was approved.

4. EC  composition

4a. Belated inclusion of NCSG EC representatives per Bylaws IV.9

It was noted that according to NCUC bylaws, NCUC delegates to NCSG EC
are ex-officio members of the NCUC EC and Rafik Dammak was belatedly
welcomed to the EC.

4b.  Resignation/replacement of the Asian representative

It was noted that Asian representative in the EC, Norbert Klein, had
resigned according to bylaws VII A, and while bylaws do not explicitly
provide for nominating a replacement in this situation, IV F 2
authorizes the EC to establish new procedures. It was decided that the
Chair will ask the candidates for a more detailed statement and that
the selection will be made on that basis as soon as possible in a
future meeting of the EC using email or other remote meeting

5.  Budget and finance

5a.  Review and approval of Durban travel support

It was decided to reimburse Wilson Abigaba's Durban hotel costs
and US$50 per diem following ICANN Constituency Travel rules,
and to reimburse Glenn McKnight one hotel night.

5b.  Possible codification of travel support guidelines

It was agreed it would be useful to develop guidelines for travel
support in the future.

5c.  Budgetary & GNSO Took Kit requests

The Chair summarized pending budget requests.

5d. Broader financial planning and management issues

It was agreed to improve budgeting procedures, in particular
documenting better both budgets in advance as well as actual
expenditures afterwards, while noting that project-driven financing
imposes limits on advance planning.

6. Re-establishing a Policy Committee vs. defined alternative
mechanism for policy work and statements

Discussion was postponed to a future meeting due to lack of time.

7. Bylaws revision: Timetable and Process

Bylaws revision needs were discussed.

8. Future meetings

It was agreed to hold EC meetings in the future during every ICANN
meeting and as needed in between using email or other remote
participation mechanism.

9. End of meeting

The Chair called the meeting to a close at 16:05.

Tapani Tarvainen

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