[NCUC-DISCUSS] Call for comment and input: NCUC Africa Strategy concept dument

Thato Mfikwe thatomfikwe at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 19:13:33 CEST 2019

Dear members,

Please find here for your review the latest version of the Africa NCUC
strategy document:

Document link:

Attached you will find a redline version that shows updates from Africa
regional NCUC members, NCUC Africa members have been working on this
document since ICANN 64.

*Please also note that we still need the community support regarding the

1. Should the document bear the NCUC or NCSG name or can it just be a
document that belongs to NCUC or NCSG Africa members to guide activities of
the region because I do not remember seeing a similar any documentation
shared regarding regional engagement plans?

2. Should there be any other issues, please do not hesitate to forward them
so that we can work on improving this concept document by year-end.

Volunteers that were involved in finalizing this document: Peter, Benjamin,
Dorothy, Mauricia and Remmy (apologies if I have missed anyone).

You are requested to review and raise any issue that may need further
discussion and please also help with any grammatical errors or
inconsistencies in the language used. As a reminder, your input is
requested by * 16 October 2019* at the latest, thanks for taking time to
check out this document that is aimed at improving participation of
Africans within ICANN and enhancing regional activities and initiatives.

Thato Mfikwe.
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