[NCUC-DISCUSS] Results - [CROP CALL] ICANN66 - Annual General Meeting - Deadline September 5th

Olga Kyryliuk olga_kyryliuk at ukr.net
Fri Sep 13 19:36:17 CEST 2019

Congratulations, Raphael :)


12 сентября 2019, 17:38:58, от "Raphaël Beauregard-Lacroix" <rbeauregardlacroix at gmail.com>:

Thank you! Looking forward to see everyone in Montreal!

On Thu, Sep 12, 2019 at 8:43 AM Remmy Nweke <remmyn at gmail.com> wrote:
Congratulations Raph

On Thu, Sep 12, 2019, 4:24 AM Bruna Martins dos Santos <bruna.mrtns at gmail.com> wrote:
Dear all,  
Regarding our CROP call that was opened for the Montreal meeting, the NCUC leadership would like to announce Raphaël Beauregard-Lacroix as the selected member to attend ICANN66. 

 Raphael, Maryam and I will follow up with you about the details soon! 


Bruna Santos 
NCUC Chair

Em qua, 21 de ago de 2019 23:07, Bruna Martins dos Santos <bruna.mrtns at gmail.com> escreveu:
Dear NCUC,  
Its time that I announce NCUC's CROP call for the Montreal meeting. As you might know, our constituency has 3 CROP slots per FY that are intended to help us set our NCUC Strategic Outreach Plan. 

Therefore, in light of the upcoming Annual General Meeting in Montreal, to be held from 2-7 November 2019, our EC has decided to allocate one of our slots to one constituency member to attend ICANN66. 

We ask you to be ready and attentive to all visa requirements and as you prepare the documentation to attend, should you be accepted. Invitation letters can be requested here and you can find more information at the Meeting page.

The travel slot is for one attendee/member from the North American region who wishes to be more involved with activities of the stakeholder group and for this upcoming call we would like to emphasize a bit more our interest in allocating the resource to one member that wishes to be actively engaged with some of our policy activities. 

Please check our Travel Policy to see if you are eligible. The selected candidate should participate in all meeting days and, if the selected candidate is a newcomer, NCUC will assign an onsite mentor.

In your application, please include the following information:     * Name
     * State the departure and arrival dates/city. 
     (** IMPORTANT: we ask that all applicants try to leave and return to the country of their original departure.**)
     * Short statement explaining why you would like to attend ICANN66 representing NCUC and a short project/plan of engagement with the activities you plan to participate and also explaining which working groups/policy discussions are you planning to be engaged with or wish to enhance your participation at. 

For this specific call, NCUC EC will be receiving applications until September 5th and all submissions should be sent to the following addresses: chair at ncuc.org  and maryam.bakoshi at icann.org

After the applications are received, NCUC EC will deliberate and the name of the successful applicant will be posted in NCUC mailing list on September 7th or as soon as EC concludes deliberation.


Consider the following points in your statement.

1. Why do you want to attend the meeting? Which Working groups or policy discussions you have been involved with and would like to be involved further. If you have not been involved in policy discussions, which policy discussion(s) will  get involved with? (please provide links to your mailing list contributions and your record of attendance in WG meetings)

2. How much time, effort and work will you spend studying policy topics before, during and after the meeting? And will you stay engaged or volunteer to mentor future NCSG members? If you have been a part of NCUC Buddy Pilot program or plan to participate in this or other training programs within the NCUC or NCSG, please mention. 

Please feel free to reach out, should you have any further questions.

Good luck!
Bruna Martins dos Santos 
NCUC Chair 

Skype ID: bruna.martinsantos
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