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This is terrible news, Moui. I feel helpless reading it and can offer not much more than sympathy and understanding. If there is anything we can do, please let us know.

I am confused a bit – the protestors who seized the IDC building, are they acting for or against the military/coup?


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I'm Moui from Thailand.  I used to be join the ICANN #49 in Singapore and had good chance to know some of NCUC members there.  Besides, I had meet Bill and Avi again during ITU meeting in Dubai two years ago.
I may contribute pretty less to the NCUC community but I keep eyes close to what all of you guys have been doing and discussing.  The reason for unable to contribute to the international community much just because I still have to help my country ICT many issues.
Some of you may have or haven't heard of Thailand's Coup in 2006, but let me brief, for us - the Thai internet users, that coup ruined all of the institutes.  In term of ICT, the huge amount of internet censorship had been increasing in the unbelievable figures, no need to mention to arrest a lot of people who posted content against to the coup.
Time flies, but the thought of tyrant remains.  Two weeks ago, the group of protestors seized one of our largest IDC building, it can be said that it is our national international internet gateway located.  What they did to the building was cut off the whole building electric for 3 hours, but it took another 6 hours to recover the power generator (as they also destroy the reserved generator.  Thus, Thailand lost some of the IIG many hours.  Some of the ISPs have their own alternative IIG to reroute but those were bottleneck.
The mobs are now still on the streets and announce that they will shutdown Bangkok, their D-Day will be 13th Jan. But lots of rumors are widely spread that our military 'may' coup before the date.
It sounds non-sense for me to write down the story to all of you. But I'm really worried about the coup by army (if happened but who know if they won't do it).  They will, again, seize all communication channel, TV, radio, and internet.  I can smell the strong internet censorship again (if coup).  If my bad dream comes true, I may have to ask help from you - the technologist - to give us the hands.
Lastly, lots of tanks are brought into the heart of Bangkok since 2 days ago. No one else knows what will happen.  I don't want to see the second Syria in my own country.  Sad indeed.
Thanks for listening.  Wish I could join you again in next ICANN meeting in Singapore.

Poomjit Sirawongprasert (Moui)
twitter: @Moui<http://twitter.com/moui>
facebook: PoomjitS<http://facebook.com/PoomjitS>

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