[NCUC-DISCUSS] NCUC Appointments for 2014

William Drake william.drake at uzh.ch
Tue Jan 28 19:14:15 CET 2014


The NCUC EC just held its first meeting of the year; I will send schematic minutes separately for the record.

Further to some previous messages to this list, the EC appointed the following people to NCSG Charter/NCUC Bylaws-related and otherwise formalized positions:

NCUC Rep. to the Public Interest Registry
Carlos Affonso Souza 

NCUC Rep. to the ICANN Nominating Committee  
Brenden Kuerbis

NCUC Reps. to the NCSG Executive Committee   
Robin Gross and Milton Mueller 

NCUC Reps. to the NCSG Policy Committee
Stephanie Perrin and Marilia Maciel

NCUC Reps. to the GNSO’s Standing Committee on Improvements
Amr Elsadr and David Cake 

In addition to these  roles, we agreed to some additional filling of slots:

E-platform Team
Stefania Milan will coordinate

Events Team
Bill Drake will coordinate (main work to be done Q1)

Bylaws Revision Team
Carlos Affonso Souza will coordinate (main work to be done Q2)

Membership Affairs Team
The coordinator role here remains open and the team remains dormant for the moment

Cross-Community Working Group on IG
Pranesh Prakesh has volunteered to be a NCUC rep, Stephanie Perrin will participate as well

Many thanks to the folks that served in these positions previously, as applicable, and to the new crew for stepping forward to help.



William J. Drake
International Fellow & Lecturer
  Media Change & Innovation Division, IPMZ
  University of Zurich, Switzerland
Chair, Noncommercial Users Constituency, 
  ICANN, www.ncuc.org
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