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Thanks, Robin - some interesting bits of information there, including the fact that ICANN thinks it's time for community input; I wonder what that means. Similarly, the note that the Registrars seem to have proposed some sort of alternate process. In any event, and in view of the fact that registrant verification and data retention remain the two biggest issues (unsurprisingly), will we be meeting with them in Prague? I can't recall when or what the last discussion was - can you or Wendy summarize where we are on that as our primary contacts on that front? Thanks!

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In advance of the Prague Meeting, ICANNis posting a group of documents on the status of negotiation of amendments to the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA). While ICANN and the Registrars have made progress in the negotiations, the negotiations are not complete and there remain key areas of difference. Of highest priority for ICANN are the areas of Whois verification and data retention requirements, where ICANN and Registrars are not able to agree on certain aspects of the law enforcement recommendations. Because these two areas are so important,ICANN and the registrars are not able to post consolidated, negotiated amendments in advance of the Prague meeting. The memorandum described below explains this more fully; the draft RAA posted reflects ICANN's most recent proposal.

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