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At 08:44 29/06/2011, William Drake wrote:
>Of interest...


"In order to register a domain name, a Registered Name Holder (also
known as a Registrant) has to use the services of an ICANN-accredited

This only concerns the US icannTLDs.

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>>Subject: [ALAC-Announce] ICANN Publishes Registrant Rights and
>>Responsibilities Webpage
>>Dear All,
>>ICANN has published a document that identifies available registrant rights
>>and responsibilities under the 2009 Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA),
>>on a webpage that summarizes available registrant rights and
>>responsibilities including those that arise under ICANN Consensus Policies
>>and specifications, as they are incorporated in the RAA:
>>The document, translated into several languages, is available at:
>>Heidi Ullrich, Seth Greene, Matt Ashtiani, Gisella Gruber-White, Marilyn
>>ICANN At-Large Staff
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