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I really like Wendy's first question and I find it extremely relevant.



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My suggestions:

Does the Board recognize that there's a large diffuse group of non-trademark-holders and language-users who are fed up with the way TM interests keep redrawing previously concluded issues?  How is the Board working to finalize decisions and stick to them?

When will the Board share staff papers with the community *while they are relevant* to Board decisions, and can be fact-checked, rather than months after?

What's the status of DNS-CERT? Has ICANN realized it's a bad idea to try to control that?


On 06/06/2011 10:07 PM, Avri Doria wrote:
> Hi,
> As was pointed out in the email sent regarding the Board-NCSG meeting in Singapore, and as mention on today's call, we need to propose 3 questions to the Board.  The Board will also propose 3 questions to us.
> I will give people another day or so to suggest topics. 
> On Wednesday evening, I will put together a doodle pool of the choices and over the course of Thursday, NCSG members will be invited to pick their top choices.
> On Friday, I will write up the 3 top topics, send it to this list for 24 hour review and then send it to the Board for their consideration over the weekend.
> To start the list we have the 3 topics we picked last time when the meeting was cancelled and two suggestions provided by Konstantinos:
> 1. We would like to better understand how the Board weighs GAC advice in relation to  GNSO recommendations, the CWG work and community comment on the implementation in the by-laws mandated process.  Of special interest are issues related to MAPO/Rec6 and Community Objections.
> 2.  We would be very interested to hear how the the Board reads both the substance and process of Cross-Community WGs and the JAS group in particular to understand what the Board is  thinking viable supports might be and how they regard the recommendations for fee reductions.
> 3. While understanding that the NCSG Stakeholder Group charter is waiting on the approval of the standardized New  Constituency process recommended by the Structural Improvements Committee, we would like to understand what issues, if any, may be blocking Board approval of both the New Constituency Process and the NCSG Stakeholder Group charter.
> 4. The role of the GAC within ICANN and how this might affect its stakeholder groups.
>     (this may entail a re-write of #1)
> 5.   Trademark issues. 
>     (might be good to have more detail on this question)
> Please send you suggestions for inclusion in the doodle poll.  Updates on the questions from last time also requested.
> Thanks
> a.

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