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Avri Doria avri at ACM.ORG
Mon Jun 13 17:15:43 CEST 2011

Dear Diane,

On 27 May 2011, at 16:43, Diane Schroeder wrote:

> If you could submit three topics/issues on which they would like the Board's view – the Board will also send three topics to the constituency on which they would like the constituency's view.  Please send these to me to coordinate.

The NCSG took a poll from among 8 possible questions and came up with a Stakeholder preference for the following three issues as our contribution to the planned conversation between the Board and the NCSG.

1.   New Constituency Process and the NCSG charter

While understanding that the NCSG Stakeholder Group charter is waiting on the approval of the standardized New  Constituency process recommended by the Structural Improvements Committee, we would like to understand what issues, if any, may be blocking Board approval of both the New Constituency Process and the NCSG Stakeholder Group charter.

2. ICANN engagement with developing and transitional countries

How can ICANN enhance its engagement with developing and transitional countries?  What procedural/institutional improvements could be envisioned to increase the effective participation of governments and other stakeholders from these countries?  How can we increase the development-sensitivity of ICANN policy outputs, including, but not only, with respect to new gTLD applicant support?

3.   How does the increase role of the GAC affect the multistakeholder balance.

This question has several components:

- How does the Board weighs GAC advice in relation to  GNSO recommendations, the CWG work and community comment on the implementation in the by-laws mandated process.  
- How well does the current GAC model mesh with the ICANN bottom-up, multistakeholder policy development processes?  
- Are there any specific areas of tension between the two, and if so how can these be managed?  
- What specific steps could be taken to promote better communication and coordination, given GAC's professed constraints with respect to collective and individual government participation in multistakeholder processes?  Can the Board see government representatives becoming more integrated in this model? If so, how?

The NCSG looks forward to receiving notice of the 3 issues the Board will be contributing to the discussion.  We also look forward to our meeting and send best wishes for everyone's safe travel to Singapore.

Best Regards,



Avri Doria
Chair, NCSG Executive Committee

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