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Do it, Avri :)

On Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 4:31 AM, William Drake <william.drake at> wrote:

> Hi Avri
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I have a concrete suggestion if you'd like a role that goes beyond telling
> others how they should do their jobs.  We clearly need a liaison to the
> CSG.  Relations there have deteriorated rather badly, as will be on display
> in Technicolor in the Council discussion of the Outreach Task Force fiasco.
>  I would happily nominate you to serve as our liaison.  Since CSG and ALAC
> have similar positions on some items we care about, e.g. WHOIS, IPR, LEA,
> etc., there would be abundant opportunity to get in there and throw all the
> bombs you like.  Plus, CSG is riven with factionalism so you'd be well
> positioned to play one group off another by saying we support you and not
> you, etc.  So you could do the job precisely as you think it should be
> done.  Would you accept this nomination?  If so I can make it on the
> tonight's call.

> Best,
> Bill

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