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Konstantinos Komaitis k.komaitis at STRATH.AC.UK
Tue Dec 13 10:17:33 CET 2011

Dear all,

Please see email below: this is a good opportunity to give our list of topics that we would like to see being put out for public comments. I would suggest we opt for 5 max.

Ideally, it would be better if this was sent as NCSG - however, so far some of the topics that have been discussed are:

1.       Domain name takedowns

2.       UDRP

3.       Role of law enforcement

4.       ?

5.       ?

Now it doesn't really mean that these should make the list - it is just some of the issues that I have seen being discussed periodically in the list.

Please send your thoughts. Deadline is January 12.



Dr. Konstantinos Komaitis,

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Dear Community Leaders,

Following the process (attached) that is now in place since June 2011 (based on the implementation of ATRT recommendation 21), it is time for me to ask for your input for the 2012 Upcoming Public Comments list to be published at:

We are seeking your input about topics that you think will be opened for Public Comment in 2012.
As the ICANN Community leaders you are very well aware of the issues that are being discussed or to be discussed within your groups that will require public input in the coming year. This will provide us valuable feedback for the compilation of this list that will help raising early awareness about the issues among the ICANN community.

Please send these topics to me until 21 January 2012.
For your convenience, I am also attaching a template for the submissions you would like to make.

Following the process, after receiving your input, we will publish the list for 2012 by February and make another call for updates after March meeting in Costa Rica.

Kind regards,

Filiz Yilmaz
Sr Dir Participation and Engagement
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