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> Subject: Requesting Your Feedback on the FY10 Operating Plan and  
> Budget
> Dear council, committee, and constituency leaders:
> A quick note to thank those of you who have held meetings and  
> conference calls on the ICANN FY10 Operating Plan and Budget.   We  
> remain available to host more calls with those who would like to  
> discuss and/or provide more feedback.
> I also want to encourage your members to post comments individually  
> or representing your group to the public comment page:http:// 
> www.icann.org/en/public-comment/#op-budget-fy2010.   Close date:   
> April 30.
> Questions we hope to obtain feedback on are:
> • Is the approach to meetings scaling with the ICANN community’s  
> size and diversity, and work style over time? Should ICANN take  
> action in FY10 to reduce or redirect the substantial expense – both  
> directly by ICANN and indirectly by participants – in three  
> meetings around the world?
> • As ICANN grows to support application processing for the new gTLD  
> program, what is the best way to staff (hire vs. outsource) and  
> what are the appropriate geographic locations for this effort?
> • How does the community want to explicitly prioritize work such  
> that the costs to support additional work don’t just grow?
> • How can ICANN better report on and measure the effectiveness of  
> many activities such as outreach and policy development, so as to  
> allow these areas to be tuned/improved?
> • What other ideas does the community have for prioritization or  
> cost reduction consistent with the Strategic Plan goals?
> In addition, we want to encourage formal public comments on travel  
> policy/procedures: http://www.icann.org/en/public-comment/#travel- 
> support-2010.  Close date: April 24.
> Comments for both of these matters will be synthesized into the  
> draft FY10 Operating Plan and Budget to be posted by 17th of May.    
> Your participation is greatly appreciated.
> Best regards,
> Kevin Wilson
> Kevin.wilson at icann.org

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