Who owns the Internet? We do!

Sat Apr 18 16:19:36 CEST 2009

Dear fellow idea collaborators,

It's interesting to me to see different constituencies that seem to
think they own the Internet. Especially in the commercial world. As the
founder of the Church of Reality I want to register our claim of
ownership of the Internet. My reasoning is as follows:

The invention of the Internet is the most significant step in human
evolution since the development of speech. To regulate the Internet
would be like corporations claiming that they own the air we breathe and
that they get to control it and charge us to use the atmosphere. I
contend that like the air we breathe and the water we drink and the food
we eat that the Internet is an extension of our biological minds and a
tool through which humanity thinks collectively. Like food, air, and
water, thought should not be under the control of commercial entities.
Thought belongs to the People of the world.

The Church of Reality is a religion. We are not a Bible based religion
but to us the Internet is referred to as the sacred router. It is like a
Temple to us and it is where the Church of Reality exists. So for
commercial entities to run the Internet would be equivalent in the
Christian world to the "whores and money changers" that Jesus drove out
of the Temple with a whip. I am not however suggesting that the
commercial world be driven off the web, but neither should they be
allowed to dominate it.

In the future the Internet will continue to evolve and serve humanity.
It will become the nervous system of the body of the human race. The
Church of Reality sees our existence in both the individual state and in
our collective state as we are part of a single evolving organism that
includes everyone on earth, and all like in the ecosystem of this planet
on which we all mutually depend. The Internet allow me to share this
view with the rest of you so that we as those entrusted with a sacred
trust can contemplate together to envision the future of humanity and
what role the Internet will play in that future.

The Church of Reality sees the future as our "Sacred Direction" and we
see ourselves as taking responsibility for the decisions that humanity
makes collectively so as to ensure that the "Life Story" of the human
race continues in a positive direction. In order to do that we have to
be there when important decisions are made so as to alter the trajectory
of humanity to ensure the "Positive Evolution" of our collective
existence. That is the basis for the Principle of Positive Evolution so
that in the future our understanding of reality will increase over time
and our religious mission will be fulfilled.

We therefore claim custody of the Internet for the religious world so
that we can continue to use it as a tool to link our ideas together and
contemplate our role in the universe and the significance of our
existence. As we here in this email forum contemplate ICANN issues so
should every other group be able to link minds and contemplate anything
humanity chooses to contemplate. Through us and over the Internet
reality contemplate it's own existence. That is not something that can
be owned by the commercial world.

Marc Perkel
First One
Church of Reality
"If it's real we post it on the web"

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