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My research assistant has been working on the MAPO issue, focusing particularly on the international law angle (e.g. what does "internationally recognized principles of law" and "norms" mean, how have they been applied etc.) I asked him to look into it in view of ICANN staff requests in Mexico to offer them specific suggestions, even language, for the next DAG iteration.
So count me in, especially on that specific legal question.
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>>> Carlos Affonso Pereira de Souza <Carlos.Souza at FGV.BR> 4/2/2009 4:57 PM >>>
Hi Robin: count me in for the draft team of the NCUC comments. It is important that we address other issues that our current MAPO ones and community and IPR are certainly good ones to start with. Feel free to write me so that we can slipt the work.

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ICANN is accepting Public Comments on the New Gtld Applicant  
Guidebook Version 2 until 13 April 2009.

As we discussed in our mtg in Mexico, we will submit brief comments  
on those issues that continue to concern us in the latest version  
(v2) of the Guidebook (MAPO, "community", costs, IPR, etc).

Are there any volunteers to work with Konstantinos and me on a small  
NCUC drafting team to create comments on the new gtld applicant  
guidebook version 2?

Here is more info on the issue: 

Thank you,

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